Saturday, July 04, 2009

A Michael Jackson Tribute

Should anyone have missed the recent sad news surrounding Michael Jackson, the Birchington Village Partnership has arranged a special tribute event and competition at King Ethelbert's School in Westgate on FRiday 31st July at 7pm. - see poster.

I'm getting a little too old to audition for moonwalking these days but I've added the date in my own diary, in the hope that perhaps fellow bloggers, Tony Flaig or indeed, even ECR might enter one of the categories.

See you there I hope!


Anonymous said...

Though not a fan, I feel deeply moved by Mickael Jackson's death;

I'm looking forward to going along to this event, if only to see DrM doing his thing on stage!

Anonymous said...

So, you are happy to promote a tribute to someone who was a proven paedophile and who bought off the families of his victims? Plying young boys with alcohol before abusing them is acceptable, is it?

Anonymous said...

Whilst it cannot be denied that Michael Jackson had a great talent, it is distasteful to pay tribute to someone with a past such as his. Why is it that as soon as someone dies they are elevated to sainthood and all past disgraces are forgotten. Would we consider attending or organising a tribute concert for Gary Glitter ? Of course not. Michael Jackson squandered his talent and died of the abuse of prescription drugs. He is no hero and I for one am relieved that this troubled and deeply neurotic man is now at rest and there will be no more accusations of child abuse.

Anonymous said...

To: Anonymous 1:10 PM

I guess a person like you would also agree with holding innocent people Guantanamo Bay.

Mr Jackson was found not guilty.

I hope that a cowardly person doesn't speak about you in the same way when you die.
This event is about music.

We need to be more concerned about your 'ducking-stool mentality than we do an innocent deceased person.

I bet you have never helped anyone; all you can do is spread poison.

Anonymous said...

He was proven to be innocent; closet racists and jealous trash, that have achieved very little in their our lives will always say sick things about kind innocent people.

Anonymous said...

The no hopers that judge innocent people are victims of own there sick minds and probably have their own issues to deal with.

Anonymous said...

If he was innocent, as you claim, why did he settle out of court with the families of the boys involved? An innocent man would have been prepared to defend himself. How come one of his victims was able to give very detailed descriptions of his private areas that no-one except someone very, very close could have known about?

I think he was a child who never grew up due to his family's obsession with success and his father's appalling treatment of him when he was just a child. A real Peter Pan character so it's no wonder his ranch was named Neverland.

Racism doesn't enter into it but facts cannot be ignored.

A talent, yes, but a very flawed person whose addictions finally destroyed him.

Anonymous said...

Since you are determined to believe Mr. Jackson 'the innocent victim of slurs' perhaps you could explain why he paid a huge sum to an accuser ?
Whatever the facts of the matter, I am not a racist (wasn't Jackson white when he died ?) I am anti child molesters, the shame is yours not mine !

Anonymous said...

Jacko was found innocent in a court of law; nothing that those with a 'ducking stool mentality' say will change that; listening to his music and entering a contest is a personal choice. If those that can't accept the findings of the court don't like it - its their problem

DrM. said...

As I've been out all day, I've come in on the very end of this.

I'm simply fulfilling a reasonable request to promote a local event in my ward.

How I might feel about Michael Jackson is quite irrelevant and I don't really consider this the place to debate whether he may or may not have been guilty of the crime he was accused of.

Certainly, he was acquited by the courts and that should be the end of the story as the man is no longer alive and able to defend himself.

So please consider this an end to the thread and visitors may draw their on opinions in regard to what has been posted here so far.

Anonymous said...

Let the kiddy fiddler burn in hell where he belongs with gary glitter and that other child molester from the who,

Anonymous said...

anon again!

NOTHING was ever proven with the charges MJ had to endure, and the pay off was probably just another press lie. How do we really know the truth?
I just like to remember the fantastic musical genius who sadly died very suddenley.
Oh by the way... the same people who pressed the charges were also fined huge amounts for perjering themselves on several occaisions during the trial.

Let the guy rest in peace please!