Friday, July 17, 2009

March of the Flu

Yesterday's 'flu-like' symptoms may indeed have been an advanced case of hypochondria bought on by the BBC News but the media is now giving us a sense of inevitability in regard to catching the flu virus, either mildly or more aggressively, depending, I suspect on one's age and potential immunity.

With predictions now based on some 30% of the population being affected by the flu in one form or another and with schools now showing a marked acceleration in reported cases, I thought, that as the member responsible for customer services it would be sensible to explore our own council's state of readiness to deal with the impact of a flu epidemic.

This is a personal note rather than any 'official' view on the emerging situation and as you might expect, our own council has a business resilience plan in place and I've made some small suggestions of my own, such as alcogel stations in public areas, so with luck, people shouldn't notice any significant or problematic business interruption to service if the virus spreads in the population in line with Government predictions.

I'm getting a sense of the health service at large being placed under growing strain by people who think they may have the virus and would advise anyone worried about it to visit the Direct.Gov website here and read the information first. It should hold most of the information you need. As for me, I'm stocked-up with a packet of Lem-Sip 'Flu' just in case!

If you had problems getting through to the customer services number yesterday, then that wasn't a consequence of the flu, rather, I'm told, it was the result of a broken fibre optic cable which connected the council's switchboard with the outside world and it took BT's engineers some considerable time to locate it (a break in a piece of sphaghetti) and fix it.

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Anonymous said...

It is important to keep the H1N1 virus in perspective. I was stunned to see the headlines today, warning of a 'possible' 65,000 deaths ! How irresponsible of the media to scare-monger ! Many poeple may well have already had the virus and thought it just a nuisance cold, whereas others have 'worked through it'. We should not panic people. Funny thing is, I too had a cold yeasterday and my immediate thought was that I had it ! Let's be responsible adults and keep things real.