Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hard Times Ahead

It's been a bit quiet here of late. I've had a fair amount of council work to deal with and I'm in the middle of the busy flying season, although today's weather doesn't look too hopeful for the Durham Miners' annual march, a marriage proposal at Bagshot and a 'Congratulations' banner over Brighton Marina.

Meantime, I've been spending rather alot of time either in the SIM or flying practise instrument procedures in preparation for my up and coming flight tests at Cranfield. Below, for the technically-oriented, I've embedded a quick clip of the Citation jet simulator I was sitting in the other day, as it warmed up and positioned itself on the runway at Cranfield. Sort of Microsoft Flight Simulator X 'on acid'!

Earlier in the week, I was at a meeting of cabinet members of local councils from around Kent at Canterbury. Once again, the message was made very clear to us all in a presentation. Central Government is now short of at best £50 billion and more likely £90 billion. The levels of cost savings required of local government in the next two years are quite "unprecedented" in modern times and while the Chancellor, Mr Darling stubbornly refuses to announce the true figures in advance of any General Election, the public remain quite unprepared for the true impact of the recession that now surrounds us.

There's very little doubt that we will see a new Government take the reins of power in the next twelve months or so but any incoming administration will be left to deal with with the consequences of a scorched-earth policy by New Labour; a dangerously wobbling, near bankrupt economy and a fragile dysfunctional society over dependent on State benefits.

At least it isn't raining!


Anonymous said...

So, we are all set to get taken over by Canterbury Council are we ? Hooray !!

DrM. said...

Only if we bought the Cathedral from them!

There's a nice conference centre in the grounds.

Anonymous said...

You are sounding the right warnings Simon. This period is akin to the "Phoney war".

John Major surely got it right last weekend. It will be the party who tells the truth now who will gain respect and confidence in the medium to long term.

Up North around our house and buy to let there are factories returning to full time working.

There is investment in new wine bars and quality restaurants almost like an act of faith in the developmnent of a "Cultural quarter".

People feel great respect for Wootton Basset. But there is a tinderbox feeling which seems to be a cocktail of resentment at New Labour lack of proper funding for our armed forces and a resolve that if Wootton Basset sees trouble (like Luton where there were demos against the Royal Anglians) then something will have to be done about it .....

At our grandaughter's primary school there are extracurricular judo lessons being provided free by a six foot four inch Polish black belt. He has been vetted andis providing the lessons free to put something back into the country where he has found work. But in the locals' approval of the Pole's attitude there is unsaid a resnetment against those who arrive here merely to claim benefits.

This country judging by the sentiments expressed in the North is a tinderbox. People sick to death of political correctness. Angry that those who work hardest cannot make themselves better off by dnt of their own efforts, Anger at out troops being known as "The Borrowers" by the generous Americans.

It is not just economic reality New Labour is failing to face. It is the tensions they have created.

As Kipling wrote

"It is not in their blood
So comes to them late
But with long arrears to make good
When the English hate"

Micawber Jock Brown should face the facts.

Anonymous said...

anon again!

Oh? Forgive if I'm wrong, but, didn't the Labour Government inherit a greater debt from the Tories when Tony Blair won the first time rond?

BTW, I don't vote Lab or Con.