Sunday, July 19, 2009

Blown Away

Today is the date of the annual Tolpuddle Martyrs rally in Dorset but the howling gale outside put an end to any idea of flying two of the trades union banners over march in the tiny village.

For the last three years, Tolpuddle has been "iffy" from a weather perspective but having taken two aircraft down there this morning; landing at the top of the large hill which is Compton Abbas, it became quickly clear that we weren't going to have a miracle pause in the windspeeds.

'Violent' was possibly the best description I can give of the turbulence and with gusts of 30 knots along the runway at Compton, no chance of flying any banners. Should have stayed in bed!

Meanwhile, back at home, I was listening to a rather bizarre interview on Sky News on the topic of swine flu. The Sky presenter was asking the Government spokesperson why we weren't taking the same precationary measures as any other pandemic and she replied that in most cases, swine flu presents itself in the mild form. "But" argued the news presenter, it's not particularly mild if you happen to be one of the few apparently healthy people who has died from it", after all, death is the worst possible form of ill-health!

Placing the present flu pandemic in perspective and to be honest, I understand where the Government is coming from but I think they have handled their initial response to the flu badly and haven't given worried people the impression that the counter-measures are as joined up as they should be to inspire public confidence.

Finally, I note that with all the hot-air talk of supermarkets acting responsibly on alcohol sales, Tesco is offering 24 cans of premium lager for the modest price of £10.00.

Now I enjoy a beer with the next man and I'm particularly looking forward to my Sunday dinner, having missed lunch in the air. However there are young people out there who would see drinking 24 cans of lager for only £10.00 as a challenge that shouldn't be ignored on a weekend and I'm dismayed that Government continues to let the big supermarkets get away with such loss-leaders when the impact on our public health, particularly here in Thanet is so visibly stark and depressing.

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Peter Checksfield said...

Simon, I agree with you totally regarding cheap alcohol sales, absolutely appaling that supermarkets are getting away with this, particularly when so many traditional pubs are struggling.

Incidentally I had the pleasure of working at an Asian wedding reception (where everyone were moslems) recently, & it was very refreshing seeing so many people having the times of their lives on only soft drinks AND they all one-by-one took a break from their celebrations to have a quite prayer. Very refined & cultured (& friendly) people that really put our alcohol-obsessed society to shame.