Friday, July 03, 2009

Birchington Park Lane Primary Reunion

Mike King writes:

"I've been a reader of your website for three years or so and find it very informative. I'm an ex-Birchington boy who moved away in my 30s. I'm after a bit of help if possible please?

I was wondering if you could kindly post a mention that for those of us who left Birchington Primary School in 1975 (also known as Park Lane) there is an annual school reunion on Saturday 25th July - we meet at The Powell Arms at midday. Anyone interested can e-mail me on mikeandkarenking(at)

Many Thanks - and I'm pleased to see you're taking the common sense approach re seagulls and litter. We have the same problem here in Beckenham with foxes and squirrels. "

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jill said...

My great aunt, Miss Adela Lena Smith, ran a school called Glendale in Birchington in 1901. In 1929 she was running a school at 17 Park Lane, Birchington. Can anyone tell me anything about this/these schools, please?