Sunday, June 21, 2009

Passing Vampire

With Margate's 'Big Event' in full swing, aircraft photos are the order of the day and this one is of a passing Vampire of the post-war jet era.

Over on the ECR blog I see the usual suspects are resurrecting the Turner Contemporary (TC)'conspiracy' in a bid to blame some part of the prevailing local government financial crisis on the construction of the gallery in Margate; a project designed to help assist in the regeneration of the town's hard-pressed economy.

Now if there 'was' some secret plan to fund the TC project at local taxpayers expense, rather than as published, through KCC, SEEDA and the Arts Council one might reasonably expect the political opposition or even the local papers to be making a noise about it. Strangely enough I can't hear or even read anything on the subject.

So if the mischief makers are so convinced there's some secret plan which hasn't been spotted by those same people, then perhaps they should send in (another?) Freedom of Information Request but otherwise stop re-visiting the same old argument. And "Yes" Neil Armstrong did actually walk on the Moon and not on the set of Pinewood Studios!


Anonymous said...

"£20 million pounds for the Turner Centre means higher poll tax bills for the local population, already double that I paid in London last year and £20 million wasted, when it could have been put to much better use on other schemes, such as revitalising the crumbling façade of Margate seafront or knocking down the clock tower traffic lights; another on of the council's universally despised "bright ideas".
What comes next I wonder, the "Hanging Gardens of Cliftonville"?

If I want culture, then I’ll visit the Turner exhibition at the Tate Gallery and if I want noise, lager and fish and chips then I’ll visit Margate. Anyway and if I’m right, Turner painted many of his scenes further West in the village of Birchington, a home to many well-know artists of the 19th century, so perhaps the council should start building there instead! "

Simon Moores - Thanet Life 3/04/2004

DrM. said...

10:08 is quite possibly repeating his quote.. once gain..!

I used to believe in Father Christmas and the 'Tooth Fairy' but then my opinions changed in line with the facts.

I would suggest looking for quotes rather later than 2004 and perhaps after I was made a councillor and indeed, a member of the Finance & Audit Committee, where I was able to see where the money in Thanet is spent and in particular, the absence of a line for the Turner Contemporary in the ebudget!

Anonymous said...

10.08 isn't repeating his quote, he's repeating YOUR quote on Thanet Life. ( I know I just looked it up! ).

I take it this is another case of, " I used to have a moral viewpoint but I'm a Tory Councillor now!".