Monday, June 08, 2009

Lessons of History - Part III

Dangerous times in British politics with the BNP attracting sufficient support to place two MEPs in Brussels. One very good reason why proportional representation in the European style, is a very bad idea, as it swiftly empowers extremist and fringe parties and following last night's European election results, there's the growing patter of tiny polished jackboots all across the European continent.

With Labour beaten by UKIP and just avoiding a fourth place to the LibDems by 1% all three mainstream parties (or should I now say four?) need a sharp wake-up call following the elevation of the BNP's Nick Griffin to Brussels.

It's all very well for TV presenters to try and twist any reply by Mr Griffin into a quote from 'Mein Kampf' but he's a lucid man and his words have struck enough resonance with the public for him to be elected. Given this unhappy fact, the Westminster village needs to respond to a level of discontent within a significant minority, surrounding both immigration and Islam, the two 'Taboo' subjects in polite society, which are steadily encouraging the dangerous revival of Facism in our country. The main parties are clearly out of touch with a growing problem and swift action is required before the next General Election.

Meanwhile, in Wales, Labour is apparently back to where it was in 1918 and I await the results form Scotland with some interest!

The results, here in Thanet are:

BNP 1762
LIB/DEM 2482
NO 2 EU 529
GREEN 3001
UK 1st 258
UKIP 7804

34.52% turnout

I never did discover what the Roman Party stood for but UKIP is clearly a growing force, trouncing Labour and the Greens. Once again, the voters are sending us a clear message over Europe; they are most unhappy with it and the example of an EU Referendum being forced, once again on the Irish, this coming October, is likely to attract even more anti-Brussels sentiment. How the LibDems in the face of such skepticism, continue with their solid support of the EU Bureacracy and growth, remains a mystery.


Anonymous said...

Re Lib dems and the EU, It may remain mystery but as a voter i know what they stand for! Yes a shame the BNP did 'well', is it time for the major parties to change tac and confront rather than ignore?

Jeremy Jacobs said...

Confrontation will give the facist B*P more publicity.

Hugin said...

The figure that troubles me most Mr Gregory is the last one that you quote - a turnout of 34.52%. That is a threat to democracy greater than the BNP or proportional representation.

Anonymous said...

Well it is about time this wasn't ignored imagine if the real disgruntled non voters had voted?Its about time the politicians got their heads out of their backsides and come back down to reality and what is happening in the real world. This i believe is a warning and should not be ignored.

Anonymous said...

I used to think that Jeremy but maybe its the elephant in the room? i know its a thorny one issue but maybe its a risk worth taking.

Anonymous said...

Lessons to be learned for the main parties here methinks. We've not had the promised referendum about Euro membership and neither Labs or Cons have tried to tackle, meaningfully, immigration and Islam relate issues.

They need to steal BNP and UKIP ground pretty quickly now - Labour took the wind out the green lobby's sails a few years back by adopting some of their key policies - if they're going to prevent us from signing up with the latter day Hitler Youth.

Call me Infidel said...

Mr. Jacobs so what way do you suggest we deal with the BNP? Bury your head in the sand and hope the problem goes away? The BNP should be exposed to the media and have their views ridiculed.

Unfortunately as much as you may despise them some of the things they say have struck a chord with voters. People are unhappy with Labour's open door immigration policy. Many people do not agree with the ArchDruid of Canterbury that Sharia courts should pronounce on legal matters. There are tens of thousands of failed asylum seekers living in Britain on benefits. Legal aid lawyers have enriched themselves with millions of pounds in legal aid on bogus asylum work. This irritates people and sadly they feel that no one with the exception of the BNP will address their concerns. Your attitude merely confirms this. If you want to get rid of the BNP address the problem, don't run away from it.

Anonymous said...

anon again!

Never-the-less, nearly 28000 voters!
Must be some sort of record for Thanet..... or?

Tony Beachcomber said...

I am really starting to think that the UKIP vote in European elcetions is not so much a protest vote but a representation of those who are totally opposed to our membership of the European Union.Bearing in mind that that the anti european vote which is proportionatly made up of voters who support the other main parties at a general election, the European election held every five years would be like a mini referendum to the anti european vote who will make every effort to vote. Therefore there will always be a good vote for UKIP when there is a low turnout.
The expenses row did not help the Labour cause one bit and the timing by the Daily Telegraph was well planned. Like all Conservative supporting papers it was not the case of getting people to vote Conservative but a case of putting people off from voting Labour. The trickle feed of the expenses row enabled the exposure of the Conservative fiddlers at the same time keeping a eye on the opinion polls and canvass returns being supplied to them. As soon
as the Conservatives felt some heat, out came the exposure of some more Labour MP's on the fiddle. Tha effect on the Labour vote was catastrophic and they would rather stay at home than go out and vote, which they did.
With Hazel Blears walking out in a blaze of publicity with a smug grim on her face wearing that stupid badge on eve of poll really was the cherry on the cake. This contributed to many hard working labour councillors losing their seats.
One thing about the Labour movement is that we have long memories, enough said.

Anonymous said...

I voted BNP for three reasons;
1. They are prepared to close our borders, which, given the state of the country, is sensible.
2. I will not be told by the Church of England who I should vote for.
3. When Gale pays back the money for his TV and aerial, decorating and plumbing etc. I will consider voting for him again.