Sunday, June 07, 2009

Do the Shuffle

Interesting news, I thought on another part of Gordon Brown's 'reshuffle' today.

No news of the vacancy left by the absence of the young and ambitious Justice Minister, Shahid Malik, accused in the press last month of breaching the Ministerial code but the equally young and ambitious Sidiq Khan has picked-up Steve Ladyman's old job as Transport Minister.

I rather suspect that the investigation of the absent Justice Minister is not going to be as rapid and transparent as Mr Malik insisted it would be but I may be wrong and indeed, he could be a victim of injustice himself, which is ironic as I'm sure he is indeed a paragon of Ministerial virtue.

Meanwhile, an angry Caroline Flint MP is in the papers, airbrushed-up to look the iconic part of the 'Blair Babe' that she once was. However, I've met her a couple of times on the conference circuit and can't reconcile how she really appears in true life, with the glamorous photo on the front page of one of the newspapers where she looks much taller. Photoshop is a wonderful thing. In the earlier story on the Blog about the Jury Team banner, the aircraft is actually a different one to that I was using on the day but the photographer decided to use that instead and you can't see the join!

A big night for politics ahead this evening. Will the results of the local and county elections be mirrored in the Euro Elections? Will Labour have any seats left at all and will the minority parties such as UKIP make a strong protest vote showing. It certainly beats the X-Factor as a source of entertainment!


Ken Gregory said...

Whatever the result, us sad politico's will find it required viewing.

Call me Infidel said...

I have to say Caroline Flint is possibly the most pathetic case so far. I watched her interview on Sky News where she sang the praises of the Great Leader. Claiming he was the only man for the job. She refused to support her "friend" Hazel Blears and was clearly intending to remain in the cabinet. The following day having failed to secure the promotion she felt she deserved she resigned.

Apart from the most deluded and tribal Labour voters I suspect the majority of people would be disgusted with her antics. I trust the voters in her constituency will be equally unimpressed at the General Election and will send her the right message.

The current situation with Brown floundering really is a national humiliation. Obama beach for heavens sake. Was this a Freudian slip? It is like watching a slow motion car wreck. Though I have to admit, as a person who has never voted Labour and would never vote for them it is actually quite entertaining seeing them eat themselves. However for the sake of the country this has to end soon.