Thursday, June 25, 2009

Decision Height

I was thinking of going along to the 7pm meeting at Manston tomorrow evening to hear KCC leader, Paul Carter's view on the airport's future and of course, what arguments the small 'anti' airport lobby has to present in the public speaking opportunity.

I was over at Southend today doing training - see video clip - and to be honest, I would much rather see similar opportunities to support the local Thanet economy than of course pay my fees over to Southend, which offers excellent training facilities and is invariably busy with aircraft doing what I was doing today.

Clearly, as a pilot I'm bound to be considered biased but I firmly believe that Manston represents a resource that could bring more opportunity to our local economy and that we are much better off with it than without it. I fear that such a large open space would rapidly be filled by developer interests if there wasn't an airport present. However I understand and respect that not everyone shares my opinion on the existing and potential benefits of the aviation industry to our local economy.


Stop Manston Expansion Group said...

Simon, refer to us what you will, but there are many reasons for opposing the airport;

Pollution, noise, air, acquifer
The large open field is just that- nothing going on, no money being brought into the economy. Any other development would certainly bring more riches
Tdc's inability to monitor flights, noise, pollution
Your concern for a 'sink estate' of 10,000 houses. Very rich coming from a member of a council which allows hundreds if 1 bed flats to be built, promoting Thanet as a 'dole on sea' haven.
Infratils behaviour, being a bad neighbour
Paul carter forgetting the towns and villages around. Manston whenever he is touting it as the next big thing.
Your continued nonsense about the 'majority' who support the airport. Tdc have never asked the population, therefore do not have the facts to back up such a statement.

DrM. said...

I'm afraid to say that you are very wrong about the counil "allowing" hundreds of 1 bed flats. Quite the opposite, the council is trying vigorously to oppose this kind of development but has to work within the planning regulations.

Just consider for a moment the number of airports that have become industrial and housing estates and you will understand my natural concern for Manston!

Anonymous said...

More to the point, just consider the number of building developers who are on the council. And how their plans seem to get voted through!

Criminal activity at work. And yes the police have been informed!