Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Thanet Coast and Sky Stories

If you happen to be interested in aviation and the Second World War history of Thanet, Tony Ovenden is running some very interesting stories on his Thanet Coastlife weblog with photographs of some of the many aircraft that came down on our beaches. Foreness Point and Palm Bay must have resembled a breakers yard at times.

He also has information on the history of a Spitfire part that he found on the beach in April and the story he pieced together that lay behind it.

One reader, Andy, wishes to warn others of a 'scam' that he experienced this week. He writes:

"I had a phone call tonight purporting to be from a Sky service company. He said that my Sky box maintenance contract had ended and as they no longer accept monthly direct debits could I make a one-off payment of £75,? I queried this and said that it was impossible to pay that much in one hit and his answer was he would check with his supervisor and he hung up.

I checked with Sky and it was a scam of which they had just become aware,thought you might like to warn locals about this as I no longer blog."


Michael Child said...

Simon I think you will have to call that one a failure.

Michael Child said...

Sorry senior moment the previous comment should have gone on the previous post and yes Tonys bog is well worth visiting regularly.

Call me Infidel said...

Re the Sky maintenance contract. They are persistent and will call again. It is always worth opting out using the telephone preference service. It doesn't work with charlatans like this, but it does cut out a a lot of rubbish. Out of curiosity where did they get a list of Sky tv subscribers from other than Sky television? Another good reason to invest in freesat in my view.