Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Tale of Two Mites

I'm told that the alms box was smashed open at the Catholic church of Our Lady & St Benedict in Birchington last week.

Apparently, Father Boniface had opened the church and was busy in the Sachristy when the thief or thieves struck, using something as weighty as a lump-hammer on the charity box, just inside the main entrance to the church.

A sign of the troubled times perhaps but one which leaves me feeling more than a little depressed at the moral implications of the crime. Many parishioners are retired and don't have a great deal of money themselves and so like the New Testament parable of the"widows mite" offering a donation for the poor of the parish has a symbolism that goes back two thousand years.

In the parable, "Jesus highlights how a poor widow donates only two mites, the least valuable coins available at the time. But, Jesus observes, this sum was everything she had to her name, while the other people give only a small portion of their own wealth."

Anyway, the broken alms box is no more and the parish is spiritually poorer for its loss. What drives a person, I wonder to steal money from a church? You may recall, not so long ago, I wrote about the collection being stolen during the service at St Peter's church in Westgate.

Elsewhere, I hear the Salvation Army in Kent is running out of supplies for its food parcels and in Thanet, the Citizen's Advice Bureau tells us that their has been an alarming in increase in the number of local families in financial difficulties. Meanwhile, at Westminster, more revelations today. Second homes that don't exist, £8,000 televisions and £16,000 bookcases. Hardly a moral or indeed spiritual example to others I fear.


ascu75 aka Don said...

Yep I aggree Simon. Up at Saint Pauls we are giving out more food parcels and our income is getting smaller all the time yet those we and I say this tongue in cheek should be able to look up to lower themselves to the level of the people in your post CRIMINALS shame on them because the likes of the BNP will florish in such times

Tony Beachcomber said...

Don, I think you will be handing out even more parcels after the next general election should people vote for the "age of austerity"
As for the BNP support, I am canvassing full flow at present and I haven't met one yet.

Anonymous said...

Tony, supporters of BNP are very unlikely to publicly admit it. I'm sure there's far more support than you think.

Anonymous said...

Well I'm one. I will be voting to get the three main parties out. Norman Tebbit has always struck me as a clever sort of bloke and I'm taking his advice.