Monday, May 18, 2009

Save the Speaker

Other than the big fire in Northdown Road in Cliftonville, being covered by the BBC SE News this morning, Dr Steve Ladyman appears to be a subject of interest for three of our local bloggers over the weekend, Tony, Flaig, Bertie Biggles and of course Cllr Mark Nottingham.

What caught my attention, thanks to Tony Flaig, is how Cllr. Mark Nottingham appears to be "twittering" to boost Dr Ladyman's credibility on the web (see picture). So if enough people "twitter" what a jolly decent chap Steve is, then Google is going to eventually return the same result against a search phrase of "Ladyman +Expenses."

It's a brilliant wheeze and I can just imagine a whole army of 'twits' or 'twitterers' (is that the expression?) in Labour constituency offices across the country, 'twittering' what a great and honest bloke their MP is. I wonder if it's a new instruction from Central Office?

I'm going to start the ball rolling this morning, you'll notice, on my sidebar, by twittering, "Save the Speaker Michael Martin! I hope you'll all follow my example in preserving such a fine example of political transparency from the political wolves in Westminster!


Michael Child said...

Sorry this comment should be here and not on the next post.

Simon I think you will have to call that one a failure.

Call me Infidel said...

Hopefully their efforts will be as successful as Labourlist that fine website that Dolly Draper was involved in. Or the one with the rotund surly oaf John Prescott Go Fourth. Finish fourth more like. Roll on June 4th.