Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Message from Our Sponsors

Normally, it's UKIP or the Labour Party who hire aircraft (see photos) to fly banners on election days but not this year, as both parties tell me they are chronically short of funds.

As I don't think the rules allow me to fly a political banner involving the Conservative Party next week, I was thinking of organising a charity effort for our Labour friends from one of the following selection of messages:

"You Can Trust Labour!"
"For Schools - Hospitals Jobs - Vote Labour"

""New Labour - Working For Britain!"
"British Jobs for British Workers - Vote Labour."

Alternatively, we could have a caption competition and a whip around to support the message that best illustrates public opinion and captures the political mood at this time? There's a limit of 32 characters, including spaces, otherwise I won't get into the air with it!


Ken Gregory said...

How about

Support the DSS vote Labour


Michael Child said...


Let Labour Help With Expenses

Call me Infidel said...

What about.

"For uncontrolled immigration Vote Labour"

Shame they have run out of money. No doubt they will be asking for the tax payer to fund political parties. After all, we pay for everything else!

Anonymous said...

Moat cleaner wanted

DrM. said...

Sorry it has to be Labour specific as this is a political charity exercise. I'm not aware of any Labour MPs with moats!

What about "Vote Tony - Get Gordon"

You may recall we were promised a full term by Tony Blair... Ha Ha!