Saturday, May 09, 2009

Margate Regenerating

In case you missed it, here's a link to today's story on Margate from Fiona Hamilton of The Times.

Fiona came down for a vist a month ago and spent a long morning in Cafe G, talking to council leader Sandy Ezekiel, on Margate's regeneration plans and hopes for the future.

She writes: "It would take a visitor with an imagination greater than the artist Tracey Emin, the Kent town’s favourite daughter, to liken its dilapidated foreshore —consisting of rundown shops, fast-food outlets and derelict arcades — to the French Riviera."

Fiona's article is a 'Warts and all' story and she doesn't pull any punches. However it offers an interesting, independent view of the town from an outsider's perspective and highlights the high levels of social deprivation which need to be overcome and which offer a significant challenge to the broader efforts to regenerate the town.

She reminds us that the town comes under the national spotlight next week when it is the subject of the BBC television programme The Apprentice. Sir Alan Sugar will ask the contestants to rebrand the town and that should make for some very interesting viewing!


Jeremy Jacobs said...

I can hardly contain myself at the prospect of seeing Margate on prime time television. Hasn't happened sine the FA Cup tie against Leyton Orient on Sky in 2002

Jeremy Jacobs said...


Are you on Twitter?

See you there soon I hope. I'm.....


DrM. said...

twitter link hould be on the sidebar Jeremy!

Anonymous said...

Thanet Life - A definitive news, interest, travel resource and guide to the Isle of Thanet "

No, just an I'm wonderful Dr ( bought the doctorate) having got a degree from an American University that has never heard of me! And now sold his soul for a little bit of Thanet glory.

It is almost too sad to comment on....!

Lisa said...

By the way great Blog Simon., thanks. Margate is certainly on the up, after all I’m moving there next week!

Anonymous said...

anon again!