Sunday, May 31, 2009

Great Escapes

Thanet appears in an Observer newspaper travel feature this morning: 'Great British Escapes, The Isle of Thanet'.

In the summary of attractions,:

"Thanet's three neighbouring towns are satisfyingly different, too: Broadstairs, with its curving bay and cute jetty, is the classic seaside haunt; Ramsgate flirts with a continental alfresco culture centred on the royal harbour, and world-weary Margate, the UK's first ever resort, is being buffed shiny by arts-led regeneration."


Anonymous said...

Do you think this was written by Thanet Council's pr department (I note they supplied the photo), or by a lazy reporter who swallowed the usual guff about the Turner Gallery and the thriving arts scene?

Anonymous said...

Dreadful piece of journalism , Albion Street great place to shop?.

Like most streets dying due to parking restrictions and excessive business rates hence hardly any shops trading.

Pedestrianised and supported by joined up policy as regards encouraging tourism by the local council it could be great. In Folk week when it is pedestrainised (paid for by local businesses at a rip off rate to the council) you get a sense of what it could be.

Indian Princess much better than the other eateries mentioned, Oscar Road is a DFL vanity project (owned by a journalist)hardly ever open , but very good at getting journalists to puff it up.

When you read badly researched copy like this it makes you question most of the articles in the paper

Anonymous said...

One bouncy castle doth not a resort make.

Anonymous said...

The tiny Oscar Road café is indeed owned by a journalist and a food journo at that. I tried to think hard of what shops the article could be referring to in Albion Street and could think of nothing beyond the second-hand bookshop and that's it.

ascu75 aka Don said...

Anon 2:45 Ramsgate has a very good bookshop its in King Street

Anonymous said...

Rumour has it Councillor Ezekiel has decided that Albion Street will be closed during Folk Week. Good idea but isn't that decision made by the police and Kent Highways not the council leader?
Oh, and he's told the Folk Week folk that they can pay the cost, rumoured to be £4.5k

How to kill of Broadstairs' main tourist £/€ attraction in one fell swoop.