Thursday, May 21, 2009

Good News for Ramsgate Museum

Fresh from the annual council meeting tonight, readers will, I'm sure join me in welcoming the following piece of news regarding the future of the Ramsgate museum presented by Cllr Roger Latchford:

"After hard negotiations over the last few weeks between the Council and the Preston Steam Trust agreement in principle has been achieved between the two parties that should see the Ramsgate Museum being reopened soon.

Formal ratification is required at Corporate Management Team and then at Cabinet on 11th June, but preparations are likely to be underway in the near future by the Trust to start setting up for the opening. If this proceeds as agreed then the museum should be open well in time for the main summer season, as the beginning of long term development proposals into the future."


tony flaig bignews said...

And where is the good news concerning Margate museum.

Thanks for nothing nice to see we can afford to spend what was is it£30,000 investigating your bosses conduct but can't have a museum in Margate cheers!

Peter Checksfield said...

I'm with Tony on this one...

DrM. said...

Patience gentlemen please!

With luck there may one day be good news for Margate too but it's a little too early to pass comment on the subject.

Tony Beachcomber said...

Lets face it the future of the Maritime Museum was never in doubt The Steam Museum trust are no mugs and they are a professional outfit with the resources to run the museum independantly. In the case of the Maritime Museum the issue has always been reaching an agreement with TDC (landlords) and SMT (tenants), so it always has been a case of when.

The big issue is the Margate Museum which is a political one. The building ,contents and art collection are owned completely by TDC. TDC have made a political decision that they do not want to fund a service at Margate even though they own everything. TDC want someone else to pay to display their items and run a Museum service which as it stands is no longer commercialy viable. At this moment in time the closed Museum must mean TDC must pencil in a budget of at least £20K a year (insurance etc.,).
At the same time the Tudor House which is also owned by TDC lays empty and this also runs up maintenance costs.
Perhaps TDC should call it a day and hand the whole lot over to KCC.

Anonymous said...

How good of the leader and deputy leader to take the glory of Ramsgate Maritime Museum being saved and not a mention about the local labour party organizing a petion and getting hundreds of signatures and organizing the local tv coming down and interveiwing local residents, Im under the impression the council wanted to turn this historic building into a fish resturant