Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cameron on Fixing Broken Politics

Yesterday, David Cameron, made a speech that will strike a chord with many people.

When speaking about local Government he said:

"We are going to empower local councils by cutting right back on all the interference and instructions from central government - the rules and restrictions, the targets and inspections.

We're going to get rid of pointless and unaccountable regional government and bureaucracy, and we'll end the central ring-fencing of local budgets.

We're going to replace bureaucratic accountability with democratic accountability: instead of central government targets and controls to make sure councils spend money wisely...

...we'll simply require councils to publish online details of all their spending over £25,000, and to get approval for any excessive tax increases in a local referendum.

Newly empowered councils will be able to keep the proceeds of any activities that boost local economic growth...

...and through a new 'general power of competence' will be able to do literally whatever they like as long as it's legal - creating solutions to local problems without getting permission from the centre.

This sweeping new power for local government will make it far more responsive to local concerns..."

Of course the Conservative leader said a great deal more and you can read this in his speech here. However, I'm sure every one of us will welcome this committment on the part of a Conservative party in power, to introduce such political change after a decade of an Orwellian interference in our lives; an unaccountable central Government bureacracy which has effectively suffocated the ability of local democracy to work in the interests of local people.


Michael Child said...

Simon I am sorry here but he is just another one who has paid back money because he was found out.

Then there is Gordon brown What Gordon did with his house is close to corruption in my view having a grace and favor flat, refusing to use it and claiming a second home allowance, just a con trick.

I am not saying he should call a general election as that would lead a government formed by protest votes, but he should stand down as PM and we should have a PM immediately selected from those with totally justifiable expenses.

The government should then offer us a variety of reforms that we could chose from in a referendum, elected upper house, elected PM, PR, regional government etc.

DrM. said...

Given that the options are pretty limited it sounds as if you are saying Cameron is the lesser of two evils!

Anonymous said...

Will that mean a searching look into the morality and integrity of Tory Councils as well?

Michael Child said...

I think Simon you have hit the nail on the head.

Our government in recent years has been chosen thus, we have one group that always votes Conservative or Labour regardless of how much worse the country gets and floating group that tries to pick the lesser of two evils.

Suppose you or I with our business accounts were to claim for items that we shouldn’t, food when we weren’t supposed to, as my MP appears to have done or furnishings and a TV for personal use as yours appears to have done.

Then when the taxman spotted what we had done we said I am so sorry I will pay the money back, but no I don’t expect prison or a fine.

Some years ago in my father’s bookshop he employed several school Saturday people all below the income tax threshold, although he kept accurate and proper records unbeknown to him there was a government form he was supposed to get them to fill in and he was supposed to keep it for seven years then throw it away, such is the nature of government forms. One day a paye inspector turned up and as my father couldn’t produce the forms so he was fined several thousand pounds, but of course this sort of thing is different for MPs.

Michael Child said...

Hi sorry to go off thread I have set up a new blog and would appreciate it if you would link to it as I have done to yours, it is to be exclusively for publishing local press releases with proper feeds.

I won’t be publishing anything that isn’t mainstream it will be TDC and the main local politicians press releases only.

Anonymous said...

It must really be annoying to see a parody of your once excellent site getting all the attention.

Thanet Strife has could the flavour of the peoples opinion. And you can praise your leader as much as you like. But when he goes down, so will you.

Anonymous said...

All credit to you Dr Moores that you are prepared to sign yourself off with a bunch of people who are about to be investigated by the tax people and the police for corruption.

With your background, you will of course have nothing to fear. Except of course the moral side of knowing that you have sold yourself out to a bankrupt leadership.

So enjoy your 15 minutes of fame. For that is what you have got left!