Thursday, May 07, 2009

Cabinet Business

If anyone thinks I've been a little quiet today, it's not deliberate; I've only just got in after a 6am start trying to organise banners for the 'Taxpayers Alliance' over four of our major cities at the same time. I had London to do and two circuits of the M25 booked, so I have had my fill of flying today.

To avoid the rumour mill grinding overtime with speculation, I can confirm that today, I was offered and accepted the Cabinet role for customer services at TDC; following on from last night's meeting of the Thanet Conservative Group.

First off, I will include the 'official' comment on the subject from councillor Sandy Ezekiel:

"Following the Conservative AGM last Wednesday evening there has been a Cabinet reshuffle. Cllr Mrs Gideon will remain Chairman of “Thanet Works” program she is also considering the role of a chairperson.

We have a large resource of talent within the Conservative group and I am delighted that Cllr Simon Moores has accepted the position of Cabinet member for Customer Services. He is an expert in IT and will make valuable contribution."

Readers may of course draw their own conclusions but as a junior backbencher, I am delighted to be offered a new role which will allow me to work with the existing Cabinet team as it moves forward, further securing the collective future of Thanet and meeting new challenges and opportunities on the way.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on picking up some scraps from the table of a discredited leader.

Yes we know he won the ballot, and that Ruffell will be mayor.

The fact that you go along with all this rubbish shows that you have no backbone or political conscience of your own.

That is so sad. When you started Thanet Life, you put up an educated and considered view point. Something that was sadly lacking in Thanet. Nowyou are just praising a discredited leadership that bullys the rest of the party councillors into agreement.

I know that he has threatened several councillors with 'exposure' should he be voted out. What has he got on you I wonder?

Anonymous said...

I think it fair to say that you are the biggest hipocrite in Thanet!

Self appointed expert on anything and now backing your leader because he gives you little jobs!

What a sad little man you are!

See you at the next elections!!

Anonymous said...

Full biography on Doctor Moores soon to be published in local media.

Good reading with some very interesting observations from certain American Universities!

Lying little twerp! An interesting quote!