Friday, April 24, 2009

A Winning Policy

"Even the Queen's going to set fire to her homes, just to get the insurance money."

The words of the satirical character and MP for Haltemprice, Alan B'Stard on the subject of a deep recession in the late eighties.

I recall another episode in the series, when B'Stard is instructed by the Chief Whip of the Conservative party to lose the General Election for them, as the shambolic state of the nation's economy was such that they would rather not be in a position of winning at the polls. Instead they would instead prefer the opposition to win, so that they could be blamed for the full social consequences of any necessary austerity policies and would be out of power again within five years.

It does all rather sound like Deja Vu these days!


Anonymous said...

Can't help thinking you're right about wanting the conservatives to win the next general election - David Cameron's team would certainly have their work cut out for them. Still they can always cut the money paid to the skivers of this world and reorganise the tax system so that it's more worthwhile finding and holding a job - that should help!

Call me Infidel said...

Nice idea in principal anon but whenever the Tories try to cut the welfare budget the BBC wheel out some pensioner or handicapped person to explain how they will be worse off. The cost of the welfare state has increased inexorably and Britain's decline as a country has followed in an inverse relationship. The Tories will come in and make a few half hearted attempts to get spending under control and the Labour lovers in the BBC and Guardian will portray them as the nasty party. A few years hence Labour will get back in to continue ruining the country. It was ever thus.