Sunday, April 19, 2009

Westminster Gnomes

It's Sunday and of course the'Evil Hood'; that's me, is trawling through the papers looking for any signs of good news in the world. I'm struck by one report that with rapidly growing planetary energy needs and to meet the 2050 CO2 emission targets, we'll have to build a nuclear reactor every other day, starting tommorrow or cover one million rooftops with solar panels every day! Everything else is just a 'fudge' by all accounts and the poor Polar bears in the Arctic had best follow the example of their very distant ancestors and turn into Whales very quickly indeed, because there will be very little Polar ice remaining, North of Abderdeen, by Xmas at this rate!

So while we talk excitedly about emissions and low Carbon footprints, unless China and India wish to stop the development clock, Thanet will be an island again, one day soon in geological terms. My canoe may yet prove to be a good investment!

The fallout from the No10 smear debacle, continues to drag down the Government's popularity, not that much now remains of this, from a swift glance at the latest polls. The Sunday Times is suggesting a 'close link' between Ed Balls and the now disgraced Damian McBride, with claims that the former is running a destabilising “shadow operation” inside Downing Street to clear his path for the party leadership if Labour loses the next election.

Worse still, the News of the World, reports that Labour's general secretary, Ray Collins, has been forced to deny claims he attended a meeting, along with the same Damian McBride, at which the planning and organisation of the so-called, Red Rag site was discussed. Mind you, I would take anything I read in the News of the World with a heavy dose of objective cynicism!

Meanwhile, the expenses revelations continue to appear each Sunday. Following poor Jackie' Smith's BBQ set, plant pot and garden gnome collection and bath-plug; all essential items for any Member of Parliament, we have Labour MP Jon Cruddas announcing that he is to stop claiming second-home expenses on his upmarket flat in Central London and charge for his cheaper constituency home instead.

The leading Left-wing MP has received more than £86,000 in the so-called Additional Costs Allowance (ACA) since 2004 – only £1,400 less than the maximum over that period – on his Notting Hill mansion-block flat just four miles from Westminster. At present, it is reported, Mr Cruddas’s ‘main home’ – where he is meant to spend most nights a week – is his cheaper terrace house in his East London constituency of Dagenham –13 miles from the House of Commons.

Whether Mr Cruddas has claimed for any essential garden gnomes is not revealed.

At this point, I would say that all our political parties appear to be 'leveraging' the expenses system in a manner which disgusts the public that voted for them. Some more than others perhaps in a way that very closely resembles the behaviour of 'Napoleon' and his followers in George Orwell's famous work of political satire, 'Animal Farm'. It does however occur to me that some MPs, who may be consigned to the real-world wilderness at the next General Election, appear to be feathering their nests as rapidly as they can.

Enough of politics for now, I have to go for a run along the seafront and then continue working on my dastardly criminal plot for world domination.

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ascu75 aka Don said...

I dont believe it (in best victor mildrew voice) you think MP's"appear to be feathering their nests as rapidly as they can." no you cant be right surely they wouldnt stoop so low ?????????