Friday, April 24, 2009

Remembering Their Sacrifice

Just to let people know, that will be a short service of remembrance at the Westgate war memorial on Monday at 5pm to recall the crews of the two United States Army Air Force Liberator bombers, who died the same evening in 1944 when two aircraft crashed on the beaches of Westgate and Foreness Point, as related in the earlier story, seen below.

The Mayor of Margate, Cllr Brian Sullivan and members of the Margate Charter Trustess will be present together with Fr. John Slater who will perform a short service.

I have arranged (weather permitting of course) for a fly-by involving a vintage Stampe SV4 biplane and a Piper L4 Cub in US colours of the period. My sincere thans to pilots, Terry Brown and Anthony Bendkowski, for volunteering their time and their aircraft for the occasion.

I understand that BBC SE News may also send a crew down to film the occasion, which would be nice. If any Westgate residents could support the event then I would be very pleased to see them.


Anonymous said...

I was interested to read about this in the Gazette. Didnt realise that the secret operations rules still apply over 50 years on - to find full details of what fell when
I prefer this side of you Dr Moores - shame when you are interested in history you havent helped with the museums more?

DrM. said...

There are two different matters here. Firstly, I believe that the brave crews of the two Liberator bombers deserve some recognition for their heroism, even if it is over 60 years later.

As regards the museums, I feel very strongly that we should preserve our heritage but here in Thanet we need to decide if we can afford to preserve it, as is, in the current economic conditions. The museums are heavily subsidised and if money goes to them then it will not be applied to perhaps even more deserrving causes.

Please don't underestimate the dangers to public finances for all councils as a consequence of what has happened in the last six months. The implications for the future are graver than most people, used to a large and generous public sector, can possibly imagine.