Thursday, April 02, 2009

Quantitative Easing in Westgate

It's not exactly a story of global financial interest to the G20 but tonight, the ATM in Westgate is reportedly repaired after over a week of calls, visits to the Nationwide Building Society and letters to Roger Gale MP seeking support.

My thanks to Cllr Latchford who has been making his presence felt at the building society in Margate High Street and Cllr King who has been vociferous in his calls for a second ATM.

As I mentioned in an earlier 'Blog', I did try to convince the Chairman of the Bank of England and others, last summer that Westgate had a cash-flow problem and desperately needed at least one reliable cash-point. However, I suspect the domestic banking system has other problems to deal, first of which being their own equally desperate need for £billions of our own money to keep them solvent.

Anyway, we are trying again although I'm not particularly optimistic that they will listen; after all if they don't listen to the Government, I'm not sure how much attention a couple of local councillors will get.

I have however written to our MP Roger Gale and asked if he might be able to use his contacts to help move our request further-up the financial food chain. It's not good for the local population and traders to be without a convenient source of cash at any time and with no banks in Westgate anymore, the very least we deserve are two cashpoints with a ready supply of money.

A little quantitative easing is required please!


Roger Gale tells me that the machine was fixed two days ago but almost immediatly tampered with again Apparently there is a criminal gang attempting to compromise ATMs in Thanet. Reportedly, been hit twice. So long it will remain working for in the circumstances is anyone's guess!


Bertie Biggles said...

Well done although the 'scroats' are back already! That ATM in down mode has as bad an impact on trade in Westgate as roads up in St Peters.

West Cliff GB said...


I'm going to stick my neck out and comment on the narrative as I see it unfolding.

1. Lots of hype prior to G20

2. Wednesday: That Broon/Obama photo opportunity (cringe)

3. Thursday: Broon terror makes a speech at the Excel

4. First 5 correspondents tamely question the hype

5. Friday - National Press join the party

6. Saturday - In tru-nu-lab style, the detail starts to fall apart under scrutiny

7. Sunday broadsheets take a scalpel to declaration

8. Encumbents start, under domestic pressure, to opt-out of 'declaration' (protectionism!)

9. Public-Opinion is behind - ipsos/mori put Broon at 38% just below Cameron

10. 'Poor Countries' declare it was a sham

11. Businesses in the UK still see no credit-lines opening up to them.

12. Evening Standard finds out that the cost of the Summit to the UK was actually £120,000,000.

13. Financial Markets have to re-organise and hence stasis occurs.

14. After a 12 month period, the West wakes up and realises that China is now holding the IMF to ransom

15. China's client states are using their new position at the table in a way that is unacceptable to the original G8

16. Game over.

Welcome to the New World Order.

Thanks Broon.

Anonymous said...

anon again!

Do they not have CCTV in Westgate? Most of the satellite ATM's have them onboard, or so we are lead to believe?
Is it the Local 'Boy Mafia' or are there more sinister Foreign gangs involved?
Surely it is in the interest of the Bank, Westgate Townsfolk, and Councillors, to get to the bottom of this with haste.

DrMoores said...

I'm given to understand that ATM crime is a speciality of Romanian gangs. CCTV, as national figures will show, isn't particularly useful as a deterrent to most crimes but has its place as a recording device if and only if, the police catch the bad guys, which isn't that often, given the statistics of crimes solved.

Recall, not so long ago the foreign gang in Birchington in broad daylight trying to smash their way into an ATM and then eventually fleeing towards Margate when they could not acheive their objective. No police reportedly in sight that day.

Anonymous said...

I tried to use it on Wednesday and it was out of action again... although it did seem to be fixed a while later.

Anonymous said...

Do not rely on the police to intervene if the ATM is being tampered with. I think the case that Simon refers to was the one that I reported. I saw two men acting suspiciously at the Lloyds ATM in Birchington and realised they were using a 'Lebanese Loop'. In broad daylight they fitted the device to the ATM and then hung around waiting for customers to feed their card details into the machine. They were there for two hours ! I rang the police in Margate and gave them a running commentary of what the men were doing. I went over to the bank and warned the staff, who had removed the money from the ATM as a precaution. I then noted down the registration number of the car that the men got into, their descriptions and direction they were headed in. Guess what! The police failed to catch them, despite having all the details ! Canterbury police station, Maidstone police station and Marget police station all called me over the next few days to confirm the registration number with Margate police managing to record it wrongly. A week later I was told that several cards had been cloned and money was drawn from accounts via Poland and Croatia. Seems to me that you cannot help the police these days and until the ATM is more secure in Westgate, I would advise no-one to use it. I certainly won't be. Incidentally, the camera that was supposed to safeguard the ATM (the internal one) was not working at the time. So much for the CCTV cameras, cheap policing doesn't work but it seems that expensive policing leaves a lot to be desired as well.
I would think twice before I put myself in that position again, thinking about it now, I didn't give a thought for these two men being able to identify me, I just did what I thought was right without realising there would be no point ! I agree completely that the traders in Westgate will suffer if there is no easy access to money, perhaps a petition from all the traders would help, with local news coverage ? I now shop in Birchington and I go into the bank to draw money out.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations at jumping onto the band wagon started by Cllr King. If it wasn't for prompting from Bertie Biggles, you would have been none the wiser!

And no, you have not visited the electorate South of the canterbury Road! And that will be your undoing!

DrMoores said...

What an unpleasant and spiteful person you are 11:49, attempting to leave your malicious and untrue allegations spread about our local weblogs.

Here's one of your earlier comments on Thanet Strife, just to show other readers what you are up to across the Blogs:

"Cllr Moores has been contacted on several matters concerning residents South of the Canterbury Road in Westgate. He has not assisted, commented or helped!

It would appear, from the residents comments that is, that he is only concerned with things where he lives, and not the rest of westgate!

It has been noted and local residents who have not seen him since the elections will make their point at the next election!

How do I know this; because I will be standing against him as an independant tory. Not having to bow to the current leadership; and actually representing the people in westgate.

Publish this reply if you dare, Bertie!"

So there's what you wrote earlier this week 11:49 and you know it to be palpably untrue as do the residents that have either requested my help or indeed may have met me walking around the estates with the housing officers.

Your immediate problem is that the other Bloggers 'know' how responsive I am, as you can clearly read here and anyone asking for my help can receive an acknowledgement very quickly indeed, thanks to the technology I use.

As for the cash point issue. I was away most of previous week in London but I also happen to use the cashpoint too. You'll note that when I did find out about it, although it is not a council issue, I did move to have the probelm resolved as quickly as possible with the help of Roger Latchford and Roger Gale and I have already thanked Cllr King for his efforts too.

Finally, there ar three councillors in Westgate to choose from, not just me. I happen to live near near the seafront and Cllr Goodwin lives on the South side of the Canterbury road. As a result people living North or South of the main road may choose to contact the councillor who lives closest to them.

Thanet Strife calls you a 'creature of the night' so now take your insomnia and your spite elsewhere!

tony flaig bignews said...

My thanks to Cllr Latchford ...... "has been making his presence felt"

the mind boggles Simon