Monday, April 13, 2009

The Problem with Poo

The attached photo, taken within ten feet of my gate, illustrates a problem we face here in Thanet which appears to have no solution.

I have removed the offending object weighing at least a pound in weight - the joys of being a local councillor - but there are plenty more where that came from and I never cease to amaze at the anti-social behavour of dog owners who simply don't give a damn and allow, their normally very large animals, to defecate at will, without bothering to clean-up after them.

Prosecution of a few doesn't appear to work as a deterrent to others and invariably, when people choose to walk their animals in the morning or early evening, there's nobody around to enforce the law and fine them. And when they are fined, how many actually bother to pay-up?

Dog mess, I won't use the four letter word although I'm tempted, is a challenge that we need to meet for the overall benefit of Thanet residents, public health aside. This and a regular problem with dropped litter is illustrative of a minority who simply are not prepared to accept any form of social respnsibility for their actions, not just here but apparently everywhere throughout the country. I'm for a zero-tolerance approach but this has to be matched by equally firm action through the courts and the criminal justice which remain an easy revolving door for those in our society whose careless attitudes are reflected in the photo above.


Anonymous said...

You only have to walk any where in Ramsgate and it is every where.

Anonymous said...

Removal of said Dog from owner as a punishment