Tuesday, April 07, 2009

It's Bin Night

I've been a bit too busy to 'Blog' for a few days, so before I turn-in after the thrill of leaving the rubbish out for the weekly collection, I might as well give in to my compulsive need to write something down.

A curious purchase order arrived today. Bradford city council have ordered a thousand square foot St George's flag to fly on, well, St George's Day, this month. In a way, it strikes me as a little controversial, as I wouldn't immediately think of Bradford as the place to fly such a symbolic expression of 'Englishness.' It would have been unthinkable a couple of years ago but times appear to have changed and perhaps, if Bradford can do it, we might think about the same exercise here in Thanet? I wonder what readers think?

Cllr King tells me he handed in a petition today from local people and traders lobbying for a second cash-point ATM here in Westgate. While this has my total support, I did comment that an ATM is a commercial decision for the syndicate of banks behind them and its really them that should be petitioned and not the council. All councillors and even MPs can do is ask nicely, after all, RBS are about to lay-off 9,000 workers in a bank now 70% owned by the public and so I'm not convinced that we can do more than we've been doing already. We don't actually know yet who it is that actually make the decisions on ATM installations within the LINK system.

I've just notice that I have seven minutes of battery power remaining on my laptop. Time to sign off I think......

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Anonymous said...

anon again!

Bin night in Birch this eve, BUT, I note that our street has not been swept or weeded for Months.
I did my bit in front of my house this morning. Can I send a Bill to the TDC for time spent doing the Council's work?
A neighbour told me that the Council will only sweep now if someone complains.
The audacious attitude of this group of 'spongers' (TDC), and encompassed with the increase in Council Tax, is a diabolical liberty.