Thursday, April 23, 2009

In the Tunnel

With both local council and elections now taking place in a short period of time, I'm now very constrained, under the code of conduct, over what I may or may not write in regard to political content, which is fine, as I can carry on with the day job of e-crime with a bit of aviation thrown in, with a giant St George's Day flag to fly over Bradford, for the city council at lunchtime, for good measure.

I think however, I can make a quick comment about yesterday's budget without having my wrists slapped by the Monitoring Officer and like everyone else out there, I do rather wonder if the light that we are promised at the end of the tunnel is a train coming towards us rather than an end to the recession.

We now share a £1.4 trillion mountain of debt. Taxes are rising and families are struggling. For many councils across the UK, bankruptcy is staring them in the face in anywhere between 18 months and five years, given the size of the pensions 'black hole' and the devastation of income streams from business and funding from central Government.

Reading though this morning's papers, it's very hard to sound a note of optimism. The Government says this is the worst recession since 1945 but one economist I know says they are wrong; "It's the worst since 1928", he says.

I've written before that we haven't yet seen the consequences of the rear coaches of our national economy coming to a violent halt, following the sudden collision with the buffers in November of last year. Before things can improve, some parts of our lives will become a great deal harder and the Chancellor tried very hard yesterday to gloss this over with the promise of recovery in a year or so. However, only time will tell whether he is a hopeless optimist or a modern equivalent of Nostradamus.


Anonymous said...

I don't think any of us expected Labour to manage the economy successfully Simon, as there is no history to suggest that they could. It is the socialist way after all to spend money to support the population and there is nothing wrong with that.

The trouble is they do not know how to spend sensibly, with one eye always on the future. And they have encouraged everyone else to be the same.

What we didn't expect was the disintegration of the moral standards of their senior politicians; the joyous abandon in claiming expenses that may have been legal but certainly not justified, and the inclination to put hateful messages on blog sites to destroy their opponents. We have been used to the latter at local level, but to see where it is inspired from has been truly sickening.

We had high hopes of Tony Blair and New Labour. Who could forget the day he took office and the walk up Downing Street with the strains of "Things can only get better" blasting out over the loud speakers?

How very sad and phony that all seems now.

Tony Beachcomber said...


You are really making political capital out of this attack on you by playing the poor wounded little soldier well and it is the fault of those nasty Labour party members. But why do you always associate any attack on you as coming from the Labour party.
You know as well as I do all Labour blogs identify themselves as Labour blogs, and as far as Matt B goes I have no knowledge of him being a member or actavist.

As for annon 12:12, It is the down to the same old problem Capitalism in crisis sink or swim. What would you let people do?

DrM. said...

Tony, I don't wish to give Matt Brown publicity he clearly doesn't deserve. anyone reading through his ramblings may reach their own conclusions over his devotion to the views of members of our Labour opposition here in Thanet. Me, I'm somewhat reminded of 'Militant' and the 'glory days' of Derek Hatton in Liverpool; perhaps a chapter in history that the party might wish to forget!

Regardless of what you might care to believe, the literary example, as readers know, has been set at the very top of New Labour and the results have been rather clearly evidenced here in Thanet.

Tony Beachcomber said...


Do I detect a touch of paronoia or something, do you honestly think there is some sort conspiracy to "get" the Conservatives or something. The trouble with the Conservatives at TDC it is nothing to do with people out to "get" them it is more of a case of your party making a series of bad decisions that are coming back to bite them. The non political Museum issue a prime example, I reckon the guy who sells the big issue in Ramsgate High street would have made a better job.

Anonymous said...

If Simon says that we "share a £1.4trillion mountain of debt" and "For many councils across the UK, bankruptcy is staring them in the face in anywhere between 18 months and five years" he clearly knows something that we don't.

For Tony Beachcomber to suggest that the museums should continue to receive funding when "councils and families are struggling for survival" just shows that how detached from the real world he and Labour are. Most people don't give a damn about the museums Tony. They want to be able to buy food and pay the mortgage. Your Party has busted the flush and it is time for you to move over and let others have a go.

Tony Beachcomber said...

Annon, Well of course people people are more worried about all the consequences of capitalism in crisis. But it does not hide the fact the TDC Conservatives have handled the Museums issue appallingly. Okay, perhaps cash is tight for TDC at the moment but I would have thought TDC would have come up with something more imaginative that just close them.
As a result TDC Conservatives are now faced with a powerful lobby for a Museum service which is non political, non partisan and indendant thinking that has gained massive support for something that people want. I would think they would be even more stupid to ignore it.

Annon, Laura Sandys Conservative South Thanet PPC is trying to start something called Destination History and I have made enquiries. Judging by your comments would say she was in touch or out of touch with the real world.

Anonymous said...

The only thing wrong with capitalism is that the wealth created in the wrong hands gets wasted.

Labour with money are like a child with sweets. Stuff them all in one go and then have nothing left for the next day.

No doubt the Tories will fix things once again, only to have Labour blow it once more the next time round.

Only this time it is going to take much longer to fix, and the cure is not as obvious as it was in times gone by.

And you clearly still haven't learnt the lesson. The economy is broken and there is NO money for museums unless you take it from something else the people want.

People are just going to have to get used to living without, or doing it themselves.

But then they have got so used to nanny state that they have forgotten how to look after themselves?