Friday, April 17, 2009

A Fair Cop

You might have thought that the kind of the political smear campaign that came out of No10 last week was an isolated example but it clearly has its imitators here in Thanet.

Sometime before lunch, I plan to hand myself-over to the authorities having been revealed by a leading local fantasist and anti-Tory/Council Blogger, Matt Brown of Garlinge as ‘The Evil Hood’ that many of you will fondly recall from watching ‘Thunderbirds’ when you were young.

Investigative sleuth Matt, reports that I am “Connected to promoting casual sex, gambling and hacking as well as other "Black Hat" online practices,” which comes as a surprise to me. He mentions the “Computer Miss-use Act” which I’m not familiar with but which may be loosely connected to the UK’s 'Computer Misuse Act 1990', which was created to criminalize unauthorized access to computer systems.

Now, according to Matt: “Has Dr Simon Moores taken to pushing gambling, casual sex and hacking? Are things so slow in the Air Ads industry that spammy blogs pay better than talking about ecrime.” It would be a shame”, he adds “for all that reputation building to be burned to nothing.”

But Interpol has rather a different view of what I do and Bernard Otupal the Head of the High Tech Crime Unit at Interpol’s General Secretariat writes:

“Simon Moores is a key person in bringing people together from all key players in the high tech security world from private industry, law enforcement, and academia. His activities in awareness building amongst the public audience made the Internet safer and computers more secure in general.”

Jeff Bauer, Supervisory Special Agent at the Federal Bureau of Investigation also writes:

“Simon's reputation extends to this continent. When I was looking for IT expertise in a niche area, I was passed from one "expert" to another until I was connected to Simon.”

So there you have it. ‘The Evil Hood’ has apparently deceived, Interpol, SOCA, Europol, the FBI and only Matt Brown of Garlinge; AKA Lord Matt of Margate, knows the real truth through the brilliant cobbling together of speculation, personal obsession and several loose facts. It’s all rather like arguing HydroCarbon and Carbohydrate are so very similar in sound and name that you can run your car on loaves of bread rather than gasoline but it’s hardly investigative reporting at its best.

You have to wonder why anyone might do such a thing other than looking to improve his own search engine ranking by using my name and other key links which will help improve his own rating. What possible motive could there be behind such consistent efforts to trash the professional reputation of a local councillor whose politics you don’t like?

I had better get going because the Thunderbirds and Lady Penelope are closing in on me again and who knows, I might be the evil genius behind the local cash point failures too!


Anonymous said...

Simon, I think you should send Thunderbird Two round to Matt of Garlinge with a libel writ straight away! His comments are very defamatory, but quite amusing though.

Simon Moores said...

I believe the Google/Blogger element is now resolved and everything is posting as it should be after a series of telephone calls to different people to try and understand how my name was being associated with a static site elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

anon again!

Door Matt! Another of Thanet's twits.... don't let it get you down, and please don't go off air for Months again!

DrM. said...

Google very kindly removed the static webpage which was causing all the problems this evening. Nobody appears to know how it was associated with my name as an exploit but its gone now!

Anonymous said...

It is amazing that we are still surprised at the levels labout supportes will stoop to to try to undermine honest, hardworking and capable people just because they hold a different view to their own Simon.

We should have been used to it after all the bad words that have been written on blog sites over the years.

And we know that this has come from the highest level because that is obviously the culture that exists at No.10. The PM may not have been specifically aware of the details of the most recent revelations himself, but there can be no doubt that he has been turning a blind eye to it.

So ordinary voters, who face uncertainty because of the governments mismanagement of our financial affairs and the horrors that uncertainty can bring, must be wondering who to vote for at elections whenever they come.

The choice seems to between a party that has lost it way idealogically and morally, and parties which don't appear to have any policies that are significantly different or that inspire confidence.

Locally there are signs of progress, but the nastiness inspired by No.10 seems to pervade the local political scene where personal attacks by labour on the conservative leaders on nearly all blog sites leave a nasty taste in the mouth. But would they stop if the conservatives changed their leader? I doubt it.

So what to do? How do we change our country and its people for the better?

Anonymous said...

Well said 1227. Your thoughts are made more relevant by today’s news that former MP and long standing Labour Party member Alice Mahon has resigned from the party.

Anonymous said...

Gotta love it. You didn't even get my approxiamte location correct.