Friday, April 24, 2009

Facebook Page for Thanet Conservatives

I have just set-up a Facebook page for Thanet Conservatives and you can find it here.

Early days yet but outside of 'blogging' it strikes me as a good idea that political groups use the technology that now exists to communicate with each other and others that might wish to support their political views. I've also 'Twitter' enabled it for councillors who might wish to send updates, 'on the fly' from time to time.

It's open to all those 'Conservative-minded' people who might like to become involved in the debate surrounding both national and local politics and might also wish to lend their support locally. Whether it takes-off with more than a handful of "Friends", remains to be seen, so consider it a socio-political experiment in new technology for the moment.


Anonymous said...

As a member of facebook, if you dial in "Thanet Conservatives", you already hit 11 other sites!

Why start a new one?

Anonymous said...

If you are a member of facebook, then dialling in Thanet Conservatives already brings up 11 sites!

What are you trying to achieve? A Tory site run by you?

Why are you so controlling! Is it a basic lack of spine that makes you so willing to follow a corrupt and bankrupt leadership?

Or are you so needing them to bolster up your own dubious background!

DrM. said...

The purpose and direction is somewhat different. Also it doesn't discriminate between North and South Thanet but offeres a more collective approach locally.

DrM. said...

I thought I would include yesterday's insightful comment from our regular "creature of the night" just to illustrate why I keep comment moderation switched on.

It's a regular drip, drip of venom from this rather sad character and this example is one of the more polite. He appears to have a deep personal obsession with both Conservative politics and of course me, with my 'dubious' background; whatever that is.