Friday, April 10, 2009


I guess we have been quite lucky today with the weather here in Thanet. I was supposed to be doing a job at Sandown on the Isle of Wight but that's now postponed to the next Bank Holiday thanks to the warm front running down the English Channel.

I read yesterday that the likes of Butlins and Maplins are taking bookings on a scale that hasn't be seen since the 1960's as we British desert the 'Costas' in huge numbers and choose to spend what little money we have at home this year. I haven't had a booking from Skegness or Minehead this year, so I assume funds at Butlins remain tight but who knows, that may change.

When I was at Skegness last, I found it to be a curious place. There's a private airfield just behind the caravan park that I use for work and a tunnel under the main road which leads to the holiday complex, where I was accomodated in a nice apartment which appeared to be a straight copy of one I stayed at in the Orlando Disney resort but wasn't; having a unique British quality to the artificial surroundings and a huge pub within easy tottering distance. The beaches along the North-east coast are fantastic but then we have beaches that are just as good, if not better here and so it would be wonderful if the summer of 2009 sees Thanet benefiting from the impact of the recession, as more families choose to explore Britain rather than say, Bulgaria.

The recent BBC series by Andrew Marr, which gave people a view of Britain from above gave a taste of how dramatic our coastal scenery can be. I count myself very lucky because I see a great deal of it, often at low-level and on a line stretching between Swansea and Skegness and for those readers who have traditionally taken their holidays abroad, I would recommend visiting the Northern tip of Norfolk, Sandown and Bembridge on the Isle of Wight and parts of Devon and Cornwall, such as Perranporth and the areas West of Swansea.

If any of you saw the seaplane buzzing around last weekend, the owner is contemplating basing it at Manston during the summer months to give rides out to spots such as the abandoned anti-aircraft towers in the estuary. I think it's a nice idea but of course, I'm biased having already had a chance to admire the aircraft.


Michael Child said...

Fantastic picture Simon thanks

Anonymous said...

Been lucky to have been up in all forms of aircraft; especially liked helicopters when flown by the Test Pilots from the ETPS. But I have never had the chance of getting on a Sealplane!

I hope your collegue decides to fly out from Manston, that would be a great idea, and could be a huge tourist attraction.

Just hope that the insurance for such pleasure hops would not be too restrictive.

ascu75 aka Don said...

great photo and yes all forms of homeland holidays are seeing somewhat of a revival this year. I agree that some of our coasts are beautiful. I hope our local facilities enjoy a busy season and I will endevour with both my blog and the church website to PROMOTE THANET