Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Car Park Open

Good news this morning for St Peter's church parishioners, the car park should be usable again by the time your read this.

I have just been over to have a look at the progress with Darren Ellis and Father John Slater and you can see from the photos that not only is the work almost complete but Father John looks delighted with the timely intervention of Darren Ellis. - See earlier story.

Apparently, the muscular 'Out-of-town' tarmac team are doing the rounds here in Thanet, using methods that a reasonable person might consider to be close to extortion; picking on the vulnerable. I would hope that they might have moved on by now but we can't be sure.

On an unconnected note, the ATM cash machine in Westgate is out of service once again. Whether it has had another visit from the ATM gang which is busy wreaking havoc around the island, I can't be sure but I would ask everyone using local cash machines to look at them very carefully for any evidence of tampering before parting with a credit card and pin-number. A sign of the times I'm sorry to say!

Finally, I caught-up with the Westgate community officers this morning and starting to tomorrow, I'm promised an undercover "Blitz" on anti-social behaviour, litter, dog mess and more. I will look forward to hearing the results!


Peter Checksfield said...

I'm surprised that none of the stores in Westbrook have cash machines. Even in Westbrook at least two shops have them, as well as there being one in the street.

Captain_W said...

That would be a good idea; for one store to have an ATM that could be a back up...
I wonder if any shops would oblige?

Anonymous said...

All credit to Darren, and I hope that he gets some good publicity for his civic minded deeds.

And all credit to Fr. John for standing up to the morons in the first place.

A fine upstanding, honest, and moral man. And a great example to us all. Even if we do decide to worship Our Lord in a more Anglican Tradition!