Monday, March 23, 2009

Your'e Fired

A quick reminder for any readers that don't know already, that Sir Alan Sugar's 'Apprentice' is scheduled to make it's Margate debut soon.

Whether the BBC episode involving an exercise in 'Re-branding' Margate, will take place soon, I don't know, as the first challenge of the new series involves setting up a cleaning company but one can almost guarantee that the population of the island will be glued to their TV sets in the weeks ahead, waiting for Margate to make an appearance and indeed, what 'Sir Alan' and his apprentices think of it all.

Quite by accident, I almost barged in to Sir Alan the other week at Stapleford where he keeps his Cirrus aircraft. It took me a few moments to recognise him but I suspect they have him sitting on a raised chair during the series to make him look somewhat larger than life.