Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Tale of Two Councillors

One the one hand we have Labour's councillor Nottingham writing:

"A Conservative Council Leader resigned on principle. Yes it does happen, the silence from any Conservative representative on criticising Cllr. Sandy Ezekiel for his repeated anti-social behaviour remains deafening. I will be happy to publish an statement no matter how qualified confirming that any local Conservative considers Cllr. Ezekiel's misconduct to have been wrong."

While on the other hand, our independent councillor for Westbrook, Dean Bert McCastree writes:

"As an Independent Councillor, my primary purpose is to serve my constituent above all else and to work with the main political parties to facilitate good governance and value for money services for Thanet's residents.

Last week I was greeted with the news from a new Audit Commission's report, ranking TDC as 43rd out of 388 Authorities. Most significantly, was that TDC's money management and value for money was rated above average.

I am so elated by the news I feel the need to shout it out and share it with Thanet's residents although this is quite uncharacteristic of me to blow the trumpet for a political party, the reason is justifiable. Because despite the unwarranted negative gossips that plague TDC, the Audit Commission's report does prove that Thanet is not a failing Authority and far from it.

Being in the top 50 out of almost 400 Authorities is truly a remarkable achievement, given that only a year ago, TDC was deemed only fair. This goes to show the difference good competent Cabinet Members, Officers and a very able work force can make to a Local Authority.

The turn around of fortune for Thanet under councillor Sandy Ezekiel's leadership is attributed to sheer hard work, competence and the determination to deliver a first class service at a cost effective price for Thanet's residents.

The new positive drive to change Thanet for the better, which is adopted by almost every member is already beginning to bear fruits, for gone are the bad old days of continuous political squabbles, point scoring and axe grinding, coupled with the ego clashes all to the detriment of the voters.

Hopefully we have turned over to a new chapter and with the right attitude, ability and the willingness to work together towards a common objective irrespective of our political persuasion is a very positive way forward.
TDC and Thanet's residents will benefit enermously from that new approach because we will continuing to improve and go from strength to strength.

In that regard I congratulate the Officers, staff and the Cabinet Members for their positive contribution and hard work and in particular the Cabinet Member for Finance councillor Martin Wise and the Director of Finance and Corporate Services Sue McGonigal, thank you for a job well done, I appreciate your efforts which is truly remarkable,Thanet is now in the top 50 and a value for money Authority."

So there you have it, two different opinions and as a Conservative, I'll be accused quite correctly of bias and so I won't add much to my two penny worth!

Thanet council can't be so bad, after all, what really matters to the general public is how efficient the council is and not perhaps the somewhat exaggarated stories of so-called 'anti-social behaviour' that draw attention away from the real issues and problems that are challenging us every day as the recession bites.

How about some Labour Ministers setting an example and resigning over second homes, dodgy expenses allegations and milking the Parliamentary system for all it's worth. After all, it's George Orwell's 'Animal Farm' all over again among the so-called career socialists in Government and we see it almost every day, writ large in the newspapers.

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Anonymous said...

Cllr.Wise has been boring ever since he got the job about raising performance standards and hitting the government targets. He is not the most exciting member of the council, but it looks like his message is finally getting through.