Friday, March 20, 2009

Street View

It's a glorious spring day today in Thanet but a deceptive one, as we are firmly on the edge of dense fog, drifting down the estuary towards London and which starts at Whitstable.

I started off on my 'commute' to Stapleford this morning, optimistic that I might just get in as the fog burned away but the vision of the top half of the Kings North power station poking-up from a sea of white fog beneath soon set me right. Southend radar kindly gave Stapleford a call for the latest weather, which turned out to be an exciting 300/300 or three hundred feet cloudbase and three hundred metres visibilty, which was a very good reason to turn around. The fog should burn-off towards lunchtime and with the high pressure over the country, the next few days should feel very sping-like indeed.

Back through Birchington and I spotted what I think was one of the Google camera cars. You may have seen on the BBC news that Google is now adding street level perspective views to its map views and the vehicles the company is using are quite distinctive Vauxhalls with a camera mounted on the roof. Very soon then, you may be able to drive through Thanet virtually and enjoy its many sights and wonders from the comfort of your armchair!

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Miranda Munn said...

I hope we all continue to leave our homes despite being able to virtually drive places (although perhaps more environmentally friendly a lot less sociable). Perhaps it will just help us to avoid visiting less attractive places as we will have been able to check them out before hand! Interestingly Google were not the first! Seety released street level views in London last year even managing a commercial implementation within the UK Commercial Property Listing Site five months ago. On NovaLoca this fun tool is put to work helping to sell and rent offices, industrial, retail & other commercial property throughout the capital. Im sure there will be many more uses to follow!