Sunday, March 01, 2009

A Matter of Perception

The political blogging scene here in Thanet is starting to become quite lively. According to Cllr Nottingham here, unusually wearing a tie, alongside the very man who promised an end to the boom and bust economy: -I have removed the photo on request!

"Simon has stated he opposes this modern use of technology, as do Thanet Tories.

This just means that people think that the Conservative councillors have something to hide. Some do, some don't, it would be nice if Simon could unequivocally come on to the side of openness rather than wasting time addressing meaningless issues such as whether councillors should wear ties in the Council Chamber or not."

I'm beginning to wonder that as a professional political agent for the Labour Party, that he simply doesn't bother to listen to anything other than the party line.

How Cllr Nottingham concludes that I or the Conservatives are opposed the use of modern technology I would dearly love to know,? I'm a vice chairman of the Conservative Technology Forum. and unlike Cllr Nottingham, I've been involved in electronic Government projects around the world and was even involved in the London School of Economics Global Civic Space project.

My own theory is that Thanet's Labour councillors, with a county council election coming up soon are becoming increasingly desperate, thanks to the growing disaster that now surrounds our economy and the deepening recession, which apparently doesn't exist.

As a result, we are starting to witness the arrival of local spin on an unprecedented scale; it doesn't matter if it's true or not, such as my stated 'Opposition' to technology. After ten years of Labour Government, I wouldn't expect anyone to expect anything close to the truth, because all we can now anticipate is an Orwellian form of revisionism and twisted statistics which are meant to support a political agenda. Material accuracy has become irrelevant, its all about managing perception instead.

I'll finish with something a wrote on the subject of electronic government a few years ago:

"If we in Europe are going to promote e-government as a tool for progressive change it has to be in a sound local context and with the financial and technical support that will take modest projects to the point of being able to deliver simple, useful services for the many. Or, to quote Winston Churchill: "It is no use saying, 'We are doing our best.' You have got to succeed in doing what is necessary."


Anonymous said...

You're the last person I'd have down as a technology luddite! He obviously hasn't researched your background at all!

Anonymous said...

Some others have researched background though, and it does make interesting reading!!

Anonymous said...

who is the really ugly bloke on the left? is he passing on the 'black spot' to mr nottingham (apologies to R L Stevenson)