Monday, March 02, 2009

Last Call for UK Liberties

South Thanet`s Tory Slams the State’s increasing Control over our daily lives

Laura Sandys, Chairman of Open Democracy, has this weekend hit out at the advancing State control over our lives.

Speaking out at a national conference held in London, the Ramsgate resident said that the State was now interfering in more and more aspects of our private lives and eroding our civil liberties. Governments want to regulate our behaviour, our freedom of speech and now planning to monitor our every move through the introduction of Identity cards.

At the Convention for Modern Liberty Laura said:

“Hard fought freedoms that had placed this country as a beacon of Liberty around the world have been eroded year on year by this Government. From the petty misdemeanours that are now considered crimes through to the legislation passed under the umbrella of “security”, we have seen this country’s civil liberties change dramatically. Once lost freedoms are hard to retrieve but we need politicians who stand up to the creeping intrusion of the state and the public galvanised into fighting for their freedoms. I am extremely proud that Anthony Barnett from open Democracy, of which I am chairman, was instrumental in organising the Convention."

Delegates from NO2ID, Liberty, the Conservative Party, and the Liberal Democrats questioned vigorously the erosion of civil liberties – the database society, the erosion of free speech, the surveillance society, the undermining of the trial system of justice and not least the implication that the Government has lost its abhorrence of torture.

There's some interesting independent and 'tongue-in-cheek' coverage of the event to be found in The Register here. It concludes:

"At the end of the day, did all the sound and fury signify anything much? From the LibDems, it elicited a commitment to a wide-ranging repeal Bill: it helped bind the Tories into what is a growing backlash against ten years of New Labour, increasing the likelihood that they, too, may end up repealing large chunks of what Labour have enacted.

But for the government, it probably made very little difference. After all, these were just white middle-class people speaking a language they no longer understand."

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