Thursday, March 26, 2009

Fast Service

As if in revenge for my cynical comments about the Microsoft Operating System on Radio 4 and at the ecrime congress this week, my desktop machine with Windows XP decided to go into self-destruct mode this morning.

On starting it up it announced that I hadn't configured 'Family Safety' and wasn't authorised to access the internet. It also conveniently ate its own Windows installer to make sure that I was completely helpless.

In despair, I took it up to Fast Micros in Westbrook and they have spent the whole day trying to repair the mess, succesfully I should add too. Buy an 'Apple Mac', my friends keep telling me and I never listen. Perhaps one day I should.

Grateful thanks to Fast Micros for saving the day, once again!


Michael Child said...

Simon I am now running linux ubuntu intead of windows on some of my machines, with open office instead of MS Office, all free downloads, you can also run a free version of AVG anti virus software on this operating system. So far I haven’t had any problems so if you have an old pc about you may find it worth giving a try.

Anonymous said...

anon again!

Tut tut.... and all this time I thought you were using an iMac or iBook, with OSX. MSN has to be the most awkward OS in the world. Seriously, if you do not run a Mac PC, have a look at Linux and 'Open Source' OS's. Much easier to run and use than any 'windoze' system.

DrMoores said...

I would do gladly but simply don't have the time to try something else when all my software and licenses run under Windows.

In the old days I used to have an IT department that worked for me. Now I'm the IT department like everyone else working from home!