Friday, March 06, 2009

Economy - What Economy?

A little cynical humour and internet entertainment from the Conservative Party, to start your Friday morning, a new website devoted exclusively to writing Gordon Brown's imagind apology for the present state of the economy, one where you can choose the words and expressions you might wish to include.

As readers will be aware, Gordon, firmly refuses to apologise or take any responsibility for any blame as Chancellor for the nations financial woes; regulating the banks, 'Boom and bust", it was all somebody else's fault and probably the fault of the 'Tories' before 1997.

Unfortunately for the Prime Minister he can't blame it on Tony Blair either, as Tony is far too busy making millions as a public speaker, bringing peace to the Middle-east and is rapidly on his way to becoming a Saint or at the very least, America's most popular up and coming television evangelist.

So here's the link. Enjoy!


Cllr David Green said...

Thirst for an apology is not there
Only Conservative voters dissent

In a new PoliticsHome poll published today, voters from across the country were asked whether they are keen for the media and opposition to continue pressing Gordon Brown for an apology, or whether it was time to move on.

In a striking finding, 60% of voters would like to see the media and the opposition “give up on this and move on to covering more important issues” while only 36% think they should “continue pressing Gordon Brown until he apologises, or refuses outright to do so.” There was agreement across all party voters on this except Conservative voters.

DrMoores said...

I guess that everyone I know who has a strong opinion on the subject must be Conservative then!

"it came off in me 'and Guv" or "It wasn't my fault" really isn't acceptable and 36% of the population is almost enough to influence a change in Government!

Perhaps the more important issue you mentioned is to get rid of him, after all didn't we one hear that a vote for Tony wouldn't mean a vote for Gordon. The man is an absolute disaster, fiscal prudence and all!

Call me Infidel said...

Come on Dr. Moores surely you must accept Brown's assertion that it started in America? After all he did put and end to boom and bust.....

Ken Gregory said...

'I saved the world' 'End to boom and bust economics' Two sayings that will come back to haunt him. In addition, i was in a building society today, paying in some long overdue earnings, when I noticed the revised interest rates. A quick about turn, and off to the antiques shop to buy some thing that will increase in value. If the banks are to be blamed for not lending money, they should be able to pay enough interest to attract funds. Me, any cash that comes my way will go to paying off the mortgage, paying for food etc and then be invested in goods that will increase in value, not into a bank that pays less than 1% interest

Anonymous said...

Cash back mortgages, 12 months interest free credit, unlimited credit card debt, a live today and forget tomorrow culture have destroyed our countrys economy. Without assistance from America.

A life without personal responsibility is what socialists have created, and David Green and his colleagues epitomise that fact. And even now they try to deflect the truth.

For the good of our children and grandchildren we must disregard these failed individuals. We must move on without regard to their opinion. They have no part to play in our tomorrow.

Tony Beachcomber said...

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