Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Devalued Prime Minister - A YouTube Sensation

In case you missed it elsewhere!

Lot's of scope for comment on a speech that should perhaps have been made at Westminster and the House of Commons and not Brussels and the European Parliament!


Anonymous said...

All true.

But he failed to add that the UK also has a wrecked infrastructure thanks to the ravages of Maggie T.

It is going to get interesting ....

Call me Infidel said...

I doubt anyone could get away with that in the House of Commons as Labour would pack the benches with braying jackasses and the speaker would never allow his good friend Gordon to be subjected to such a withering attack.

West Cliff GB said...

A superb moment but what I'd really like is to find out what the Broon Terror was doodling and what the small-talk he was making was about.

Clearly what he wanted to do was put his fingers in his ears and say 'Lalalalalalalala' very loudly.

Good work Hannan.

Will Scobie said...

I will agree that this is an impressive speech in its delivery and charisma, yet I disagree with a fair bit of the actual points.

He seems to blame all of this on Brown, but his party was hardly jumping up and down attempting to increase regulation. In fact Mr Hannan himself on a couple of occasions voted against resolutions in the European Parliament aiming to increase the regulation of banks which could in hindsight have made a large difference. So I don't think its fair to say that it is all Brown's fault when there was a post-Thatcherite consensus of low regulation of the markets and a much more free economy.

Also I dislike his point on the creation of jobs in a time of recession being a bad thing. Cutting taxes during this recession will do nothing as people will not reinvest that money into the economy, but will more likely save it away somewhere. The only way to get out of this recession is for the Government to take short term pain and use public coffers to spend our way out of this recession for long term gain. Conservative policies leave far too much up to chance about the public reinvesting. Labour proposals put the money straight back into where it is needed thereby creating jobs and helping us to get out of this recession.

Ken Gregory said...


The public 'coffers' you refer to are mine, yours and Dr Moores. They are not 'free' money, or the governments money. I do not wish my cash spent on making up jobs that will fail. I now have a negative return on my investments, perhaps the government would care to make up the loss, or should I go to the DSS to get MY cash back?

West Cliff GB said...

But Will, it isn't short-term pain is it? That's the whole damn point.

Before you whinge about Thatcherite laissez-faire policies, you should remember that without de-regulation, the Broon Terror (12 years of spend-it-all-and-more) wouldn't have been possible without the contribution to GDP that the City made.

Blame the Tories all you want. It happened on Brown's watch and Brown's watch only.

He's created a client-state and acts surprised that there's nothing left in the coffers.

An additional point - the G20 will only serve to highlight the fact that unlike every other leader there, nobody bar his Scottish constituents have ever given him a mandate to represent them.

The game's over. Nearly.