Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Closer Than You Think

The Government is taking the G20 summit rather too seriously from my point of view, as they've effectively closed-off all the airspace North of the Thames, virtually from Southend to the West and forcing me into the car for the next three days.

It all started this evening when Air Force One arrived at Stansted Airport and if any unwary pilot who hasn't read the latest Notams, bumbles in the wrong direction without an authorised 'Squawk' then he or she is likely to have unfriendly company very quickly indeed.

Of course, a £zillion or so is going to be spent policing the City of London from tomorrow, with so-called activists expected to gather in their thousands as they have done in every summit I can remember to date. Best give that day trip to London a miss I think!

If anyone built a tunnel under the Thames estuary between Southend and Sheerness, I suspect it would be of enormous benefit to the economy. It's only about 40 miles in a straight line between here and Brentwood but takes a couple of hours to work around the M2 and M25. Only when you get up in the air a couple of thousand feet do you realise how close we really are to Essex. because of the curvature of the horizon at 11 miles, people living in Thanet don't see how close we are to 'the other side' but the attractions of Chelmsford, Braintree and Southend are much closer than people think.

Perhaps we should think of a sponsored Margate to Southend marathon kayak race each year? It's almost exactly 26 miles!


Anonymous said...

anon again!

A few years ago, it was investigated into the possibility of a Bridge between Grain and Southend. This would have been the cheapest way to keep Southeastern traffic out of the Capitol. I know the Bridge designer but he has had '0' communication since ending his project in 2005!

Jeremy said...

Internet dating sites give as-the-Simon-flies distances from Thanet to the Essex lovelies.