Saturday, February 28, 2009

Politics In Vogue

It looks as if spring has most certainly arrived today. I had to go and collect a new addition to my small fleet from Brighton this afternoon (the one on the left) and the late afternoon views over Kent and Sussex were stunning.

News from one of our readers is that the Kent Messenger office in Cliftonville is closing. Our anonymous source writes:

"I for one think this will be a sad loss for all involved. The paper will continue but will be produced from KM's offices at Whitstable. While the newspaper doesn't appear to be going under here, it's bad news for those who care about a quality media, particularly in a newsy area like Thanet."

He or she continues:

"Thanet Extra was the first of KM's free papers when it started in 1981 and because the company has never produced a specific paid for paper in the area, the editorial in Thanet Extra has never been a rehash of the previous week's paper, unlike the 'Extras' it produces for other areas, but good, well written material to interest the majority of people. "

Ed: I wonder how may of our readers will miss the 'Extra'. What are your thoughts?

As readers of Thanet Life will know, I have a vigorous on-going disagreement with Thanet Labour's very own fashion victim, Cllr Nottingham, over whether Councillors should dress in an appropriate manner in the Council chamber. Now I'm not talking 'top hats and tails' but past my sell-by-date and being over fifty now, I was raised in a world where it was expected that the people's representatives showed proper respect for their role and for the public they represent, present in the gallery, by dressing, in the case of men, smartly. I'm not saying ties should be mandatory but the emphasis here is on the word 'Smart'.

Cllr Nottingham, being a member of the Nu-Labour fraternity clearly thinks otherwise and believes strongly that T-shirt and jeans, replete with cycling helmet and backpack, illustrates the very best in modern socialist political thought.

He writes on his weblog:

"What do these people think of David Cameron when so often he goes without a tie? Probably if only more people had taken Roger Gale's advice and voted for David Davis.

What do Thanet Tories want? Shirts, suits and ties. When do they want them? Forever."

I rather wonder what readers think? where do we draw the line? Are shorts acceptable in the summer of am I being stuffy and old fashioned? After all, as I mostly live in a Harley Davidson t-shirt and jeans or flight suit, it would be much easier for me to come straight from work and not bother to change.

So what's your view? Old fashioned, Armani, sensible smart or progressive 'grunge'?

I would dearly love to know?


Anonymous said...

We are tired of hearing politicians views on what is right and what is wrong.

So hear this: I expect anyone who represents me, either in the workplace, or in a political role, to look like he/she has respect for me and the organisation he/she represents. Jeans are very casual wear, and show only an anticipation when worn by a politician that he/she expects me to accept their view about what is acceptable or not acceptable. If this Nottingham character cannot even get that right then he should be told to get himself sorted by his party boss.

Anonymous said...

If you listened to us it wouldn't matter what you were wearing.

You don't listen. It doesn't matter what yo're wearing.

Freedom of Information request coming soon...