Wednesday, February 18, 2009

How Green is My Thanet

I was fascinated, if not amused to read Thanet South's new Parliamentary 'Green' candidate, Tim Garbutt's manifesto for the island.

Among the tidbits "As MP I will close the airport", We have the disgusting spectacle of the water being polluted and poisoned and known to all our 58 councillors and civil servants", "Economic desolation as Kent’s Jarrow"and the allegation that:"TDC is a failed council with little purpose beyond tidying up the filing cabinets for the next Audit Commission failure".

Reportedly, Tim also wishes to close Manston airport, put an end to the China Gateway Project and no doubt wishes to grow spinach or build an eco-park where they now stand.

His woeful grasp of politics, Parliamentary procedure and the process of local democracy is further evidenced by his plans, should he be elected, to sack the existing council leader and his cabinet and replace the sitting Chief Executive with his deputy, "To provide a report on the failures to Parliament."

Thanet at this time, needs rather more than a wild green demagogue talking rubbish. If we are to have more 'Green' policies then let's have a sensible debate and a little political homework on the part of the candidate rather than such uniformed drivel on the front page of a local paper.

Local democracy thrives on debate and not empty threats and rhetoric. Tim needs to explain rather more clearly than he has to date, how he will achieve his radical vision for Thanet as an elected MP and of course and very importantly, where, in a near bankrupt Britain, the money will come from to fund his own cultural revolution, once he's had everyone shot that he disagrees with on the council.

I can't wait!


Tony Beachcomber said...

Simon, I think you should change the near "near bankrupt Britain" to "near bankrupt world". Reading in the Capitalist press this week and by their own admissions. It appears the Russian multi billionares are set to become mere billlionares, Japan contracted 3.3% in the last quarter and has now contracted 12.7% in the last year,All European economies have contracted with some of the worst figures in decades and even California the worlds eigth largest economy is in terrible trouble. Now the deflation word is being mentioned in some circles.
I suspect those who are sitting on the world's gold supply must be laughing their socks off.
I have noticed this week that China has been buying up the some of the struggling mining companies in the world. A new world order looming perhaps, afterall it is a Chinese proverb to use your "enemies own weapon against them". In this case it is ironic that a communist system is using capitalism to own capitalism and could eventualy dominate capitalism if it spend wisely the trillion dollars is has tucked away during the "Boom" times.

DrMoores said...

Quite right in many respects Tony. In fact, after the last ten years I would be surprised to find many mining companies which didn't have a significant Chinese interest. After all they bought an enture mountain in South America!

The world's balance of power will shift even more rapidly to the East than we imagined over the next decade.

Michael Child said...

Tony Simon interesting post and comments, a few vague thoughts from me. Well I don’t think CGP are going anywhere with China Gateway as their shares are at an all time low of 9.5p, nor do I think the most dangerous aspect of the water problem, KCCs drains into soakaways on SPZ1s and adjacent to unmonitored boreholes was known to TDC councillors, as it has taken a year to get the details including an FOI request and the intervention of an MP to find out. But there is a real problem with water sources and pollution in Thanet not the least of which is the airport, the limitations of which will relate to its forthcoming EIA and the resultant 106.

I believe the new mayor of Thanet will have the option to replace the chief exec with a council officer of his choice, the old chief exec moves to one side retaining employment at TDC not sure if he stays on £120k p.a. but I expect so, I don’t believe the MP has any say in this area.

With bankrupt Britain I reckon that yes we are more bankrupt than most, but as the effects are attenuated by the colossal government borrowing we are not yet fully appreciating the cost. So if the government are borrowing on this scale that we are going to have a serious problem with payback, lets get as much of it for Thanet as possible.

With China the carrier bag and the mining rights document, I have often wondered if the Chinese were more interested in Thanet’s limestone outcrop, than a distribution hub with no wheel, certainly no UK company would get away with extracting it after all the kafuffle last time they tried.

Tony Beachcomber said...

We can all argue till the cows come home about who is responsible for this current Capitalism in crisis, and it so easy to run off soundbits to score political points. But it doesn't answer the question what are we to do?
The last time we faced this sort of dilema was in 1945 and like the war this Capitalist Crisis will end. So it more about planning a recovery, the government will stablise the economy and will take the measures necessary. Unfortunately, they may pay the political price as most people fear the instabilty more than anything else. Which in a democracy is a gift to any opposition party.
I think the recovery like in 1945 should be more about protecting our national assetts, simply because we are going to need them and the only way that can be done is nationalisation of key assetts.
First should be the Banks, then energy, then transport infrastructure.
stopping here, got to go to work.

John said...


I think I`ll stand as an anti-green against green currys. I would shut down all Thai Restaurants and lock up anyone whose elevator didn`t quite reach the top.