Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Fly By Night Decision

One small step for Infratil perhaps but one giant leap for Manston, if indeed we can expect the imminent arrival of British Airways World Cargo, as a result of tonight's council decision to amend the airport's existing 106 agreement to allow night flights.

I voted for the motion as did the great majority of Thanet councillors. The people I have spoken to are almost universally in favour of the idea of BA, the nation's flag carrier, operating from Manston and other councillors of both parties, broadly received the same impression from their own wards.

Laying aside the obvious incovenience and noise of 'out-of-hours' flights, this may still represent one of the biggest opportunities for Thanet in a long time. It gives us a significant brand association and places us firmly on the map, in a way that may yet attract other quality carriers to Manston.

What the future holds in this time of global recession, we can't know but the Manston decision may offer a ray of hope for our local future, the noise of aircraft engines aside. If a little extra noise secures more opportunity for the local workforce then, I for one, believe that's a sacrifice worth making.


Peter Checksfield said...

Good news, this can be nothing but good for those of us living in Margate / Westbrook / Westgate (sorry Ramsgate, but the place where I live is my priority!).

Jean said...

But what about the consultative committee who have said this is a rush job?

BA have been looking for a replacement for stansted for 4 years and they give us a week to make a decision? This isn't good practice and it certainly won't 'bridge' any gaps in opinion.


Tony Beachcomber said...

Lets face it some members of the Conservative group couldn't give a toss about the more working class areas of Thanet and their judgement on this matter probably reflected that. I suppose the same applies to residents living other parts of Thanet.
But the more itelligent Councillors have put together a very interesting case both for and against. I for one live under the flight path and can count the rivets on the aircraft as they fly over.However, I have made two observations. Firstly when a aircraft flies over,the timing from the moment I hear it to when it completely fades away is less than 30 seconds . Plus during the daytime when a aircraft flies over Ramsgate I have noticed not many People look skywards or pay attention people. So perhaps Aicrafts have become part of normal daily life. As for night flights, if the aircraft flies over and is just a murmer then it would be just like the traffic that passes my house. But if it is a case of feeling the vibrations then the No group really do have a case.
At the end of the day I suppose it is a matter of wait and see. My only real objection is that some members on TDC may have based their decisions on "well it's only Ramsgate". When in fact if it was their own ward it would be a different matter.

tony flaig bignews said...

I though that everyone present spoke with genuine concern for the area.

I note the self interest of some local bloggerss, who seem intolerant of local opinion. I even see you know who is even going to sell his cliff top Mansion.

Tony Beachcomber said...

Tony, there is no doubt those who spoke do have genuine concern, it is those who don't speak are the ones to watch out for.

Ken Gregory said...

Well said Tony F. Thanet does have a great future (other than as a retirement home) and its about time people accepted that, and looked toward the future of our youngsters, not the twilight years of us old bu**ers, who need to look to the future not the past.

Jean said...

As with most good debates there are arguments for and against and proper consultation is an effective means of coming to an understanding between two previously disparate sides.

There is one thing both sides ought to be able to agree upon and that is the democratic process.

However, by ignoring completely the consultative committee the council have undermined that process.

Were councilors not aware of the fundamentally destructive decision they made when they chose to ignore the consultative committee? Due process bypassed by a commercial interest is not good government.

It doesn't matter whether you agree with expansion or not - you are obliged to agree with democratic principle - bypassing the KIACC and ignoring it's recommendation is unethical and undemocratic. It effectively destroys any confidence in the system.

If you tolerate this, your ward could be next.....

Anonymous said...

i just don,t understand the people who are against the airport it can only briang jobs to thanet and who knows what it will bring in the years to come afterall it is and airfield people must have known this when they bought there home near it so stop moaning and live with it because who knows you might be bale to fly from there on your holidays then it will be differant because you will save money on the fares to gatwick or heathrow then its a good thing for all thr people who are noe moaning about it get a life
live with it we do