Monday, February 23, 2009

Black Bags Out - Not

What local residents will make of the prospect of two, one day strikes by waste and recycling workers, over the next week, is anyone's guess?

On Friday 27th February and Monday 2nd March, a small number of members of the GMB Union will be taking industrial action in a pay dispute. The council has called in the conciliation service, ACAS, in an effort to resolve the dispute and avoid the threatened strike action.

If your black bag collection falls on any of these days, then the advice from the council is to keep the waste until the following week until the normal service is resumed. Please don't leave out for collection where the seagulls may get at them! If you have a wheeled bin, don't put it out until the following week.

So what do readers make of a pay dispute of this kind and at this time? Kent County Council have drawn a line in the sand (see Tony Flaig's Blog) in regard to public sector pay rises and reviews and so do local people believe it is sensible to take industrial action in support of any dispute at a time when so many workers in the private sector are losing their jobs or even taking pay cuts?

To date, the council has been unable to reach an agreement with the Union and so what's your view, given the growing pressures on our local government services budget as the recession bites?

Incidentally, I had a desperate sounding call from the NSPCC today. Apparently, the last quarter has seen such a dramatic reduction in contributions that they are facing a funding catastrophe this year and every little donation, however small is needed. It's a great pity they aren't a bank and not a children's charity I suppose!


Tony Beachcomber said...

Simon, there is another side of the coin for workers to consider industrial action in difficult times.
Nobody can afford to go out on strike in "difficult times", so if the majority vote to strike I am sure they must have a good reason to do so.

DrMoores said...

Although it would not be proper to pass comment, my understanding is that it is a simple issue linked to last year's negotiated incremental public sector pay rise but times and the prevailing economic circumstances have changed much for the worst since then.

The_Cantelope_Man said...

After the council, in their infinite wisdom, decided to scrap weekly collections, who the hell is going to notice anyway?!
I'm sure I can go another few days without my bins being collected, hardly going to make much difference...

Anonymous said...

So why shouldnt the bin men get their above inflation pay rise?

Their no different to the greedy bankers and they will get theres you can bet.

Union Jack

Anonymous said...

And they get a long weekend! well timed.