Friday, February 27, 2009

Bin and Gone

Unless you watch Blogger closely, it has a habit of inserting its own keyword tags at the bottom of an entry.

This morning, I see I've been 'Smudged' by the Thanet Gazette, who correctly spotted the tag 'Paedophile' in a story which has nothing to do with the subject. The initial tag was picked-up with the earlier Gary Glitter story and now Google, which owns Blogger, is being too clever by half!

My thanks to Smudger for spotting the tag and if you find anymore tags, which shouldn't be there, please let me know. The only trouble is that by repeating the 'P' word here, I've probably increased the odds of it happening again.

I've just come in from buying the Gazette as you wil have gathered and have been running around trying to persuade our local newsgaents to take take down the 'Bin Strike' headline displayed outside their shops.

"It's off", I tell them "and you'll only confuse people if you leave it there".

"But it says so on the front page of the Thanet Gazette" comes the reply, "so it must be true"

There's no answer to that!

On reflection, it might have been sensible and cost effective for the council to ask me to fly a banner over Thanet, announcing that the strike was off. But they didn't so I'm off to do a marriage proposal for a girl named 'Emma' over Bluebell Hill instead!


Anonymous said...

Your previous link was broken (do sort out your coding). If you think that local opinion is informed by a bookshop owner, a train man and an opportunist tosser like yourself,then please think again.

Blog-life is just that. My guess, as a wealthy blow-in, is that you're all talking to a dedicated group of perhaps 30-40 regular comment-addicts. I'm not one.

From what I've heard in the past month or two, Thanet is no place for Tory voters.

The current crop of wannabee politicians are all connected in one way or another.

I intend to ask how many of our councillors are Freemasons. Should be a very simple question.

Let's start with you. Please let's not have a Paxman/Howard situation develop.

Are you a Freemason?

DrMoores said...

Touched a nerve I think and 3:55 AM, other than suffering from chronic insomnia, you just missed winning my new 'comment of the month award'.

Your style of writing looks strangely familiar!!

This particular 'opportunist tosser' has spent much of his life here, as has the train man, who I went to school with and doubtless the bookshop owner too!

As for the Freemasons, I'm reminded of Monty Python's 'Life of Brian' - "I'm a Freemason and so's my wife"

Don't be silly 3:55, it' s more likely to be the Rotary club these days. No plot, no conspiracy, no secret order of politicians or even alien green lizards (David Ike's theory) attempting to take over the planet!