Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Big Event 2009

Even though we are in a recession, I see that valliant efforts are being made to ensure that Thanet's 'Big Event' takes place on June 20th & 21st.

I'm sure it's going to be a much tougher climate for sponsorship; cash-strapped Royal Bank of Scotland are certainly out of the picture today but it would be good to see the very popular airshow weekend at Palm Bay carry on with minimal disruption from our strangled economy.

Now I wonder if we could persuade the crazy French Mirage pilots seen in the YouTube video below to make an appearance!? No,wait a moment, someone is bound to complain about the aircraft noise if they did! It looks as if they may have spotted one of the models from the so-called, 'Naked in Thanet' weblog on the way past the beach at Palm Bay in the video!


Peter Checksfield said...

Haha, very good!

Newington_Steve said...

This is a democracy Simon and people should be allowed to complain about aircraft noise if they wish.

You may not be too affected by it in Westgate,
but then again it isn't your children being woken up every time one of the planes rattles the very foundations of your house.

My 8 year old little lass hardly knows if she's coming or going these days her sleep is interrupted so often.

Anonymous said...

Having dirtied their hands excepting money from CGP last year, just prior to CGP's planning application; one can only hope that they will be a little more circumspect this year!

Newington_Steve said...

No comment to make on my comment here, Dr Moores?

DrMoores said...

I thought I had Steve but clearly the comment I made has escaped into the ether!

I said I was sorry to hear that your daughter's sleep was being disturbed by arriving aircraft.

Anonymous said...

if the noise from the planes is a problem MOVE AWAY they were there first.