Thursday, February 12, 2009

All About Manston

With an extraordinary council meeting this evening, to vote on the controversial subject of night flights at Manston airport, this is not the place for me to indicate my opinion in advance of the debate. I've been email lobbied by a handful of people and I've read through the many Thanet weblogs presenting their own slant on the subject.

While respecting the real concerns of those who have written to me, I continue to be disappointed at the almost frantic hyperbole of the anti-Manston campaign and with it, the equally poor grasp of simple aviation principles, both operational and safety-related found on weblogs which include contributions from both Thanet councillors and members of the public.

While a number of useful and constructive questions have been raised there's a danger that constructive debate will be hindered by exaggeration; 'Never let the facts get in the way of a good argument.'

For reader interest, here's a view of an approach plate for Manston's runway 28 and an interesting litle video for entertainment!

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Michael Child said...

Simon the main problem is that it wasn’t designed to be a commercial airport and as such isn’t 106 compliant, nor does there seem any effort to make it so or any enforcement of the 106 by TDC.

The question you and the other councillors should be asking is, should it be expanding before TDC have considered the expansion master plan and before it is 106 compliant?

I don’t know what KIA are up to with this request, but I think it may need looking at more closely as BA say they don’t know anything about moving part of their operation to Manston.