Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Who's a Pretty Bird Then?

The green Parakeets are visibly feeling the cold today. Normally, they move around so much clamour and with such energy that trying to photograph them in one place can be quite difficult. Today they sensibly seem to be trying to keep warm but keeping movement and noise to a minimum.

Westgate appears to have has a Parakeet population explosion in the last year. The big colony at Westbrook appears to have expanded in our direction and these very intelligent birds look set to become a dominant species at the present rate.

I wonder if they have discovered the millionairies playground in the South of the island yet. Does anyone know?


Michael Child said...

There has been a large colony of green parakeets based around King George VI Park in Ramsgate for as long as I can remember, you do occasionally see them in the other parks in Ramsgate. Although we have a large bird population in our garden in the middle of Ramsgate mostly sparrowish looking chaps, finches, blackbirds and so on we never get the parakeets.

Ken Gregory said...

Those of us who have fruit trees would prefer to see these pests returned to their country of origin. Last year 10 of the little 'sweeties' took all the blossom off of my Bramley tree in 2 hours. Perhaps a dose of lead poisoning(12 gauge) would solve the problem