Tuesday, January 06, 2009

A Siberian Interlude

Stunning Siberian weather over Thanet today and I'm worried about the batteries in my different modes of transportation going flat. Presently I have the motorcycle on a drip charge, as it's almost guaranteed to lose its limited power once the temperature drops below zero and starting aircraft presents an equally vexing problem after they've been standing around here on the Russian Front for a few days.

Lots of vessels moored off Margate this week, as you can see and several of these appear to be of Russian origin too.

I had heard from one resident last night that some unknown gentleman had been passing out leaflets in Westgate for a public meeting today at noon to protest about the council rubbish collection. If we have any problems here, then I'm not directly aware of them and I have made some enquiries.

I turned-up at the church at noon, as advised and found nobody there; the wrong church perhaps but if you are experiencing problems, the easiest route to a solution is to give me or either one of the other two Westgate councillors a call or send an email. A public protest is a last resort, particularly if we are unaware of any problems. My own rubbish has been collected over Xmas as scheduled and I for one would like to than the refuse collection crew for a job well done in my street at least.

What I would like the council to do however is send a cleanup-crew to the seafront to tidy up the areas adjacent to the re-cycling point in St Mildred's car park before the February gales turn it into a paper chase. I'm going to put in that request now.

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