Sunday, January 18, 2009

Northern Exposure

One hell of a gale last night. Enough to take my big BMW 1150 motorcycle and throw on its side. Fortunately those things are built to take considerable abuse, as you may have seen in the series 'Long Way Round' but it took two of us to get it upright again.

Offshore I can count at least twenty ships sheltering from the wind and what looks like two Dutch or Belgian coastguard vessels among them. The inshore rescue craft also seems to be conducting an exercise off St Mildred's Bay, either that or they are fishing for Lobster!

'Rock Doc', Alasdair Bruce, has explained why tens of thousands of green Velvet Crab died off along the Thanet coast last week. Apparently they are at the most northern limit of their migration here and when the temperature dropped, they froze, became disoriented and drowned. I recall this happened about three years ago as well when I recorded the same phenomenon on this weblog.


Tony Beachcomber said...

Simon, did you know that the Velvet Swimmer crabs are edible. Fortunately the recipes have not migrated this far north. It appears Spanish fishermen cannnot get enough of them.

DrMoores said...

SO Alasdair tells me. Boiled in sea water and sounds like an awful lot of hard work too as tehy are so small!