Thursday, January 22, 2009

Invasion of the Killer Tomatoes

While I was about earlier today I took some updated photos of the progress at Thanet Earth. This is what the world's largest greenhouse looks like today the set of one of the earlier James Bond movies I thought.

Perhaps the tomatoes are a clever ruse and it's really a secret facility for world domination or perhaps I shouldn't have had that beer with my dinner tonight!


One Eyed Bob said...

Probably is some sinister establishment, it would be interesting to know how many speak English as a first language.

Michael Child said...

Simon the thing that really bothers me about Thanet Earth is that it seems the whole planning application slipped under the radar.

None of the statutory consultees, that one would have expected for a factory development of the scale, appear to have been consulted so it is being built without any environmental assessment.

At the moment the drainage from the lorry park seems to go via small oil interceptors straight into the drinking water aquifer adjacent to where they are pumping water for irrigation and crop washing.

The price differential between Diesel in various countries now means that lorries are often fitted with very large fuel tanks, if there is a large accidental fuel leakage there that isn’t reported, the aquifer could be permanently damaged, this would mean no more Thanet Earth or for that matter any other agriculture in the area.

After all what lorry driver would expect the drains to lead to the water supply, so they just wouldn’t appreciate the seriousness of a spillage.

Also I don’t think the drying out that the water abstraction will have on the adjacent nature reserve has been properly considered.