Friday, December 05, 2008

Wiki Westgate

For Westgate residents with an interest in the town's history, I've been making some small edits on the 'Award-winning' Wikipedia web page about the town and added one of my aerial photos as there's a request there for more images.

There are lots of people out there, I'm sure, who could make a valuable contribution to the entry, once they've worked out the process and rules for editing entries and so I would encourgage any keen local historian to do so and perhaps make it one of the best small-town information pages in the online encyclopaedia

A vote of thanks to the author of all the splendid work on the Westgate entry to date! If he or she would like to contact me in a search for more photographs, I 'm very happy to oblige!

PS Don't forget that tomorrow, Saturday, sees the turning-on of the Christmas lights in Westgate and with it, an afternoon of fun for all, which will also celebrate the Westgate & Westbrook Residents Association 5oth anniversary.

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theoloyla said...

No mention of Dent De Lion Castle. No guide books mention it at all and I know nothing of its history. Must surely be the oldest building in Westgate.